Why are my Egg Plants turning green!

timh1234September 20, 2013

I planted two different varieties of eggplant, the typical purple and Japanese. Both varieties did very well and were producing beautiful purple fruit mid way into the growing season, which I harvested when I felt they were good to go. In August the fruit started turning green, some were a pale greenish purple, and some were mostly green. The problem was most evident when we returned from a week long vacation in early August, the plants were watered with a timer, but I�m not sure the timer was working properly, I had two malfunction when setting them up, and the third was working when I left, but not upon my return, so I don�t know if they were watered properly for the first week in August.
Both varieties turned pale purple or green, and the plant growth seemed to slow down during that same time period. When I was able to get them on a normal watering schedule, the plants started new growth and the purple flowers were appearing in greater numbers, and I am getting purple fruit once again.
I see I�m not the only one this is affecting, and was hoping this information may help determine the cause, which I believe may be due to an improper watering schedule during that first week in August.
Thanks a lot.

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samhain10(5a - MI)

I also grew Black Beauty and Japanese Long Purple, and noticed some of the greening with the long purples. I've seen it before in earlier years, but it was striking enough this year that I made special note of it. I agree it has something to do with inadequate water, but it may be a combination of that and temps being lower than normal during what should be the warmest growing time. An unusual year for many things in my garden. I still have tomatoes ripening on my vines after a light frost - even though most of the leaves are gone.

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samhain10(5a - MI)

Here's a pic of the last of my eggplants - it's supposed to be a long purple, but you can see it's definitely not!

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