Wintersowing Anyone?

giverny4me(8NWFL)January 24, 2007

Any GC wintersowers? Here is what I sowed the last 2 weeks:

lychnis chalcedonia(maltese cross, got it from Mt.Vernon,VA, G.Washington's home. Bought it at gift shop. seriously.)

campanulaceae(balloon-flower'>balloon flower)

calendula 'pink surprise'

sweet pea 'matucana'

rose campion-pink gw trade

buddleia 'candleabra'

nigella ? gw trade

gaillardia 'sundance'

scabiosa 'salmon queen'

scabiosa martha stewart mix

scabiosa black and white gw trade

4 o'clocks-yellow

achillea-'summer pastels' gw trade

rudbeckia 'irish eyes'

celosia 'red velvet'

balloon flower-purple gw trade

these are just a few... An interesting note is that I've sown 50+ pots, everything from yogurt cups to gallon jugs, and have good germination rates on commercial and gw trades, some several years old yea!

Now lets hear from you all! What are you sowing and anything germinating yet???Susan/giverny in P'cola

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nomad_no_more(9B Gulf CoastTX)

Hi Susan, in my area it's time to start summer things. Cool season plants or seeds like sweet peas and calendula get planted out in October-November for winter to spring bloom (well, maybe not this year cuz the sun appears to be missing...).

Just planted a bunch of seeds of a dark purple-leafed ornamental pepper (it's pass-along here but looks like 'Bolivian Rainbow'). Those like it hot, so they'll go into the Master Gardener greenhouse for the April plant sale.

Some #*(@#$* blighter ate my larkspur seedlings and I'm trying another batch, but it might already be too late.

Also starting more Phlox drummondii (the annual Texas native phlox, but not the puny short hybrid ones) for early to late spring bloom. Butterflies are crazy about them, especially the Giant Swallowtail. The self-sown ones already have a pretty extensive basal rosette.

I'll start some celosia soon and a moonflower vine, but that's about it for this year.

Nothing like your list! Keep us informed. I'll be especially interested in the Lynchis cuz I've never seen them in this area and I love 'em. When are you planning to put the seedlings in the garden?

Good gardening,

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Hi Monica, re: sp and calendula, in zone 8, I've sown them earlier in the past, but I figuire if I get them to bloom for a couple of weeks I'll be happy! As a result of my friends here at GW I've been able to sow quite a few things I might not have ordered and take a chance.

Calendula does pretty well in spring or fall here the thing is to have it in the fall I would have to start in summer inside so the seedlings would not fry, and there are too many people in my house enjoying the air con, no room, things get knocked about! ...winter sowing, I can go crazy(read greedy)since they are in containers outside. Much less stress...The sweet pea is a heirloom so I hope that means it is tough. It is really taking off. I also have larkspur sown - that is new for me.

I received a phlox 'David' in a trade, also have moonflowers sown all along front of my house, train the vines up in my evergreens so they look like they are blooming in the evening. As far as when I will plant the seedlings out as soon as they get 4 true leaves if I am in a hurry, otherwise I pot them up in 4 in. pots and they hang out in the potting ghetto till I need filler or I want to give them away.

I saw the rose campion in the gardens at Mt. Vernon, they sold seeds from the gardens of all the heirlooms planted there. Supposed to be o.k. for zone 8. Hope so!

Still digging in organic matter into beds,better get going so they are ready for new babies./:)

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

I did some winter sowing just by scattering seeds of zizea aurea along the ground where I want the plants to grow. I want to have more host plants for black swallowtails - golden alexanders are in the family of plants that black swallowtails use. I hope it works out! I'm going to wait and sow seeds for other things when the weather warms up some. I haven't had success trying to start seeds in containers in cold weather - they seeds either don't come up at all, or they rot as seedlings. If I had a greenhouse or a place indoors where I could start them where I could keep the rain off them, they'd get the proper drainage and have a better chance!

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Have started numerous peppers; banana, bell, cayenne, jalapeno, purple ornamental. It's about the best vegetable to tolerate the heat and disease here. We pickled a few and made pepper jelly last year and gave them as christmas gifts. They were a hit. Have also been trying to start some wildflower seeds I collected last fall, stiff sunflower, liatrus, swamp sunflower, meadowbeauty. Still waiting too see if any of those come up. I am attempting to get plants ready for the April Emerald Coast flower show.

I really miss having a vegetable garden, but have been discourage with all the bugs and disease. Have grown a few tomatoes in containers with limited success. Would love suggestions or will trade seeds.

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Hi nwflscout! (hey my kids were nwflscouts at one time :) ), I've also had success with jalapenos in the past. Thats a good idea to use the jalapenos for jelly... For several years I've grown tomatoes with little success, but I don't spray them (my neighbors grow plenty of tomatoes but spray them constantly)since my main interest is butterfly gardening, don't use pesticides, so then I tried tomatoes in containers for the spouse, the cherry 100's worked o.k. that way. The only non flowers I grow now are basil, which goes NUTS in the heat,had no trouble with bugs, (makes spouse happy, then he makes pesto sauce which makes me happy lol) some herbs, (rosemary thrives here)and watermelon which thrives on me neglecting it...
Liatris grows very well in my garden,long blooming and dependable year to year. I started mine from Wal Mart bulbs they were maybe 2.97 for 12 which was a good investment. I move them around as the mood strikes and they are very adaptable. I have some white liatris I just wintersowed from seeds, I hope they are as hardy.
Re:sunflowers, I know people here in zone 8 grow them, but they are so spindly for me! Yet I am in denial,keep buying the seeds. Starting them now maybe they will do better as a spring annual.
Re: trading, I don't need seeds right now but if you want to send me sase I can send you seeds for zone 8, have leftovers from my garden and trades that will get you me if interested
Miss Sherry, I have to look up zizea aurea what is that? I can never remember latin vs. common names,lol. I have asclepsias (milkweed), maypop, cassia, fennel, parsley, salvias, etc. Re: starting seeds indoors, well, I always have a problem with the damping off killing the seedlings so thats aggravating too! I like the wintersowing because if you pot up a bunch of them,you can forget about them for awile, and I got some neat perennials that are just not available in the box stores. Heat loving perennials are my weakness...

Anybody interested in wintersowing should check out the wintersowing forum here on GW for some helpful instruction...
Have a nice evening!/Susan/Giverny

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

I should have included the common name of zizea aurea, it's golden alexanders. It's an attractive plant that makes pretty clusters of little yellow flowers. I may be winter sowing some more seeds soon, but it'll only be the ones I can direct sow.

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