what would have eaten all the leaves off my burning bush?

rosebuddy(z5Ont)September 21, 2008

I planted a burning bush this spring and it has been doing great. Was looking forward to the fall colour. This morning I found it chewed down to about

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I somehow got cut off from my question. Anyway I found it chewed down to about 2 feet. I could understand if if was the dead of winter, but there's lots of food around. Any ideas of why it would be tempting now to some animal?

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Does it look like animal damage and not pests? I would suspect deer even though there is plenty for them to eat elsewhere. All my sunflowers were "pruned down to 4 ft; the tomatoes were chewed off at the top, and they even chewed on the rhubarb! I lost all my peaches to them and they have damaged some of the peach branches. I have to assume deer given the heighth but maybe it's bigfoot.

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