Recent pics of some seedlings

opnjmprsJuly 9, 2014

Yesterday and today were fun days in the seedling beds. A few of my seedlings are showing some promise with nice tall scapes, large blooms, and good bud count.

Here's a Johnny Cash seedling 6.5" bloom and a few teeth on the sepals.

This one is a Last Lama kid, blooms are consitantly the same day after day, nice scape, 6.5" blooms

One of my favorites is this Red Friday seedling. I love this shade of pink with the lavender water mark. I have a better pic of this one taken today, don't have it on Photobucket yet,

Another Red Friday kid

Sibling to the one above, but with a better branched scape and higher bud count (25 buds) 6" bloom

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They are all nice. I'll take the toothy red one. Love it. Good job.

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Very pretty, all of them! If you don't mind sharing what are the crosses esp for the 5th and 6th pics?

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nat4b.......That cross ( 5th and 6th) was Red Friday X Randy Stephens. Red Friday has not been an easy pod parent for me. I did manage to get 2 pods set to Randy Stephens, and those pods didn't produce many seeds either. Now I don't even try to set pods on RF, just too frustrating for me. I do use RF's pollen though.


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Beautiful seedlings....wish mine were that nice.

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Tim, I should post a pic of the bed of over 600 seedlings I'm about to burn down. I've had far more losers than winners. I think I'm keeping maybe 6-7 seedlings out of that particular bed, but I do enjoy making my crosses, and occasionally something shows up worth keeping.


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Laura twixanddud(5b MI)

Wow, great looking seedlings! I especially like the last two.

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Thanks for your answer about the cross, Linda! And the comments on Red Friday. It's not my favorite DL because it is short and looks kinda like a piece of cloth after too many washings. I thought it gave teeth but just googled and Randy Stephens is a toothy flower itself.
I thought about using RF for some crosses but only tried with Chance Encounter last year.
Again, your seedlings from RF are gorgeous!

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Your seedlings are amazing. Love them all.

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flora2b(z6a bc)

The all are beauties, really like the unusual coloring with lavendar on pink.

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You have some beautiful seedlings. I especially like second one and the Red Friday with teeth.

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