Tobacco as a bug repellant?

wildcitywoman(z6a CDA)September 24, 2006

Somebody told me this today - if you want to get rid of bugs like white flies in plants you're bringing in from the outdoors, use tobacco.

You just put it in water, and pour it into the plants.

I am a stickler for using fresh potting soil when things come indoors - only recently, have I had the nerve to try the trick of sinking a plant in hot water, then spraying the foliage with a light detergent. I've done it with a couple of plants this week and there was no damage.

But this thing with the tobacco? I'd like to believe this works, 'cause potting can be a long tedious job - I've got so much stuff I'm bringing in right now - 99% of it is done, but for the few things I have left to get ready for their winter life indoors, I'd like to take this shortcut.

What do you think of this - anybody tried it?

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wildcitywoman(z6a CDA)

And, of course, you ae welcome to suggest anything else you might think of.

Thanks in advance for whatever you can tell me on this.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wild City Gardening

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about the tabacco, I used to keep a can of my dad's cigarette butts and then soak them in water and then use the 'tea' on plants to get rid of bugs. cann't say that i remember how it works, but you have to be careful with tomatoes and potatoes because it can spread virus problems.

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Another one I've heard of but not tried is Rhubarb leaves liquified with water in a blender? Strain and spray.

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Nicotine is toxic in high enough concentration, just buy some cheap loose tobacco from the store put in water add a squirt of dish soap and spay it on the plant.

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