let's start a whining thread

chrismich213September 6, 2006

With most of my chores over, let's complain about everything-neighbors, fences, plants, animals!!

With the drought and poor performance of a huge merigold bed, I started yesterday ripping out the annuals/perennials and digging in a yard of fresh horse manure. So today a friend called and wants to see my yard tomorrow-and she has a beautiful yard!! Why do the rabbits only eat my favorite hosta-spinach patch?? Grass grows wonderful in the cracks of the driveway and paver patio-but not in the lawn! At least the neighbors at this house are kind, we occasionally wave hi, but leave each other alone.

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oh, no!!!!i really can't believe this....i just posted the longest WHINE but i guess i'm too new to realize that if you put in a slightly naughty term, they reject your message....which would have been o.k., except then the ENTIRE message is now gone!!!!!maybe i'll have the strength to RECOMPOSE the whole ____ thing again tomorrow, and leave blanks(as above) instead of a naughty word.!!!!teehee

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karen_w(5 MI)

We have Naughty Word Police? I'm in trouble.
My whine is the same every year. It's the raaabiiits. They eat my rooooses. I guess I'll have to fence the tasty ones with mesh. Ugly, but otherwise they get chewed so often they can't photosynthesize and they die.
Then, when their favorites are fenced, the rabbits will chew more on the others and I'll end up fencing them all.
No, I don't have a dog and I don't want one. Yes, I've tried Liquid Fence. Yes, I've tried pepper spray. IMHO, I'd have to stand in the garden and spray it 24/7 for sprays to work consistently. Dried blood used to work for me for a while. Not anymore.

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Where should I start? :)
This year I decided to try by hand at container roses. 1 hybrid tee, 1 bush, and 2 miniatures. They did fantastic. They all were beautifully! Then Japanese Beatles ate them alive. They lived but shortly after the Beatles stopped coming they got a fungal disease and lost all their leaves. I treated them but now they are really ugly.

The neighbor kids drive me crazy. They are loud evil brats. They throw their basket ball into my garden all the time and trample plants to get their ball, no matter how many times I have asked and talked to their mom and dad.
I'm not ready winter WWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

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we have an overactive city building inspector. i once violated the dirtpile/driveway ordinance. didn't know there was one to violate by having 11 yards of special blend soil delievred and having in on my drive longer than 3 days. i built a fence to hide my work after that.

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well, change of plans, since I need an operation soon, I don't have to time to stock pile a yard of horse manure or wood chips this fall. I will need to cut back my peonies now. I hope to set the compost bin in a new spot for the spring clean up. I need to get busy FAST, and finish painting the bathroom too. Oh well, hope I'm still LIVE by next spring!

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karen_w(5 MI)

Well, Chris, I certainly hope you're around for a long time, too. When's your operation? I'll put you on my prayer list. K.

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it's cancer, and I will be having a hysterectomy soon, hope that gets it all. Years ago I quit smoking and got pregnant-no one told me that would happen. I'm overweight, so started a diet and got cancer. I afraid to start exercising. LOL. I'm glad it is the beginning of fall instead of spring. As a Christian, I thank you for your prayers.

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karen_w(5 MI)

No problem. And thanks for the reasons not to diet or exercise, :)
I had cancer when I was 20 and have had no further problems after 37 years of vigilance. May it be so with you. K.

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magickiwi(Zone 5 Michigan)

hi Chris - love your thread that has gone dormant!
How are you doing? Are you feeling ok?
Drop me an email as we are having a gourd get-together on 17 March in Holt, in the Lansing area and I am hoping you can make it.

Cheers - Rita in Kalamazoo

Here is a link that might be useful: Michigan Gourds

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Thanks, I'm doing fine and feeling great. I enjoyed a wonderful sunny vacation in Florida for the month of January. Now I'm dieting again and will start exercising my legs to get ready for gardening. It is so hard to stand up after sitting while weeding/planting. Sorry I have other plans on 3/17 and cannot join you. Hopefully I can make it the next time.

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karen_w(5 MI)

WOOHOO!!! Glad you're fine. Although it doesn't look like it yet, you'll be out in that garden before you know it. And nothing is better for the soul than that. K.

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