Brussel Sprouts

fishead199May 21, 2009

Opinions please.

This was about my 20th year of attempting to grow Brussel Sprouts. Can't say I did'nt try. I think I had one maybe 2 years where I had some real tasty well formed sprouts.

The seed pack always said 120 days. Jade Cross usually and

I tried Bubbles a couple times. Today I tossed 3 plants into the compost pile,they were 210 days old and the round sprouts were just about the size of marbles. I have always had plenty of sun,water,nutrients but not cold weather. My memory is not so good so that I can tie my 2 good years to cold winters. Always grown in sandy should see the root balls after 200 days...HUGE and DEEP. I really do not pay much attention to my soil ph. everythhing else from

corn to radishes does just fine. I even grow kohlrabi with some nice results. So my question is.....does anybody out there grow B. Sprouts sucessfully on a yearly basis. I am zone 9 actually a coastal 10 Ft Pierce. Right on the water

but no salt problem.


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I think I'd rather grow poison ivy rather than Brussels Sprouts. Of all of the vegetables in the known galaxy, and I'm not a fan of most of them, Brussels Sprouts are at the very bottom of the list. But that's just personal taste.

In your case - trying for 20 years and only have 10% success - I would recommend Publix next year instead.

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msmarion(9aPort St Lucie)

I have never tried growing them in FL, but I had great success growing them in NH. I always purchased starts at the farm stand about the second week in July. MY garden was heavily ammended with 4-5 year old composted cow manure.
I never harvested them until after the first frost and later. I covered the plants with straw...don't know if it helped but I always served them fresh from the garden o Thanksgiving.
Hope this helps.

My DH has the same opinion of BS as Ricky does!

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athagan(z9a N/C Fl)

This was my first year of actually getting the things to make sprouts. I planted them in November, kept them mulched, consistent moisture, and being they are essentially grown for their leaves, well fertilized. Along about February they started making sprouts. Not a terrible lot of them, but enough so that I'm encouraged to continue trying with them.

They do seem to want as much cold weather (for Florida) as they can get.


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Many years ago I used to grow brussel sprouts when I lived in Massachusetts, not far from NH, where msmarion mentioned. I also had very good success. I tried only once to grow them here a while back. What I found is that they took so long to form sprout buds that I ended up pulling the plant out to make room for something else.


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I guess I am not alone in my assesment. The 2 good years I had are the year it snow in Miami and the next year the high for the day in West Palm was 34 deg. They are space hogs too.I think next year I will buy a big bag of sprouts to hand out to the kids on Haloween.
Eat your Brussel Sprouts or no TV tonight!

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Growing vegetables in the sandy soil in Central Florida can truly be a challenge. However, one of the few things I have good success with is Brussel Sprouts. For me they do best when I plant them in the fall. I have planted them in the spring but during the hot part of the year they grow tall and skinny, with small and subpar spouts. I generally plant the fall Brussel Sprouts in September. While the weather can be very hot in Sep and Oct they start growing well. Last year, the winter was said to be the coldest on record but I never covered them and they did fine. However they are very slow. The transplants I purchase read maturity in 85-90 days, however, for me it is always around 125 days before I get the first sprouts. This is no advertisement but the only variety that I can get to produce is the Bubbles that I buy in the store. I have grown Bubble hybrid and Long Islands from seed but I donâÂÂt get any sprouts. The Long Islands were large and beautiful but no sprouts. The only thing I can get to work well is the store bought Bubbles. I wish I knew why because I would prefer to grow them from seed.

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