overwintering geraniums

curlylocksOctober 25, 2007

These past years I've brought the plants into my dining room and have had great results with blooms in the winter and beautiful plants for the spring. However, this year because of overseas guests I'm not able to bring them in and leave them there. I'm going to have to put them into the basement where unfortunately they won't get hardly any light in this particular area. What recommendations can you give me to overwinter them in a dark basement? Bareroot, potted, etc.? Any info would be helpful. Thanks, Curly

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My Mom tried this bare root method once, but not all survived, some did. She hung the geranium upside down in a brown paper bag, in a cool basement. Once in a while she'd go and spray the roots with water. Come spring time she'd pot it up and brought it to a sunny window. But the method I would use is leaving the plant in the pot, less chance of root drying off too much. Store it in a cool basement. no light necessary. If the dirt gets to dry give it a little water, just to dampen it a little, so the roots don't dry out completely. Come spring around March, bring it out to a sunny window, water, and feed.This is how I keep my fushias, and tender plants overwinter.

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I'll try that. It never dawned on me that they could survive in the dark with hardly any water. Thanks alot.

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