Tiny Bugs in Kitchen

jane__ny(9-10)June 18, 2012

What are these? They are running around my kitchen counter and up the back splash. They are so small, we couldn't tell if they were some sort of ant. We had to take photo and blow it up to see. I can't seem to get the photo to appear enlarged on this forum.

They seem to hang out near the faucet. We tried Borax but they run over it. They don't seem interested in food (so far).

Any ideas?



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stuartwanda(N. Stuart)

It looks like you have Ghost Ants or Crazy Ants! Go buy some "Toro"! Use as directed and they will be gone!

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> Go buy some "Toro"!

Is that different from Terro, stuartwanda?

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

They do look like ants. If you watch them for a minute, hopefully you can figure out where they're coming from. Spray some kind of smelly cleaner (windex, 409, fantatic, etc...) at the entry point and that should mess up their scent trails and cause them to go elsewhere.

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Sprinkle black pepper in that area, it messes them up when they try to follow their trails and they just leave of their own accord after a few days.

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carolb_w_fl(zone 9/10)

From the pic it's difficult to tell what they are, but they might be ants - there are some super tiny 1s that come inside & go after water & fats/oils. We find them in our bathroom & medicine cabinet (they like lotion & other oil-based toiletries)

There's a boric acid-based product called Ant-Kil that I use. You put down several drops to form little puddles, the ants swarm it & carry it back to the nest & they're usually gone in 24 hours.

If it's not ants (got a magnifying lens?), you can probly wipe 'em up w/ a damp cloth or paper towel. Sometimes we get these teeny tiny bugs that I suspect may be baby sowbugs or pillbugs.


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Thanks everyone. They don't behave like ants but a friend said they were some sort of ant which comes up the pipes. They cluster around the kitchen faucet, then run up the walls. I put more Borax around the sink and I don't see them today. If they come back, I'll try the above recommendations.


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zzackey(8b GA)

We have them and they are attracted to sugar. Now they are attracted to oil/fat. They are very tiny and fast. I smash as may as I can. 409 works for awhile. If you have pets I wouldn't use Boric acid. I read that they don't like vinegar and to clean the area with a solution of that. I haven't tried the Terro ant traps for them. I found that tiny critters can't climb onto the cardboard thingeys they give you to put the bait on. They do make traps with Terro inside. Good luck!

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stuartwanda(N. Stuart)

Terro, Toro, what ever! You need to kill the nest not just divert them! I've used up my bottle so just look for either spelling and let me know how to spell it! HA

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stuartwanda(N. Stuart)

Your right Writersblock, I stand corrected!
Here's a link to what it looks like.

Here is a link that might be useful: Terro Ant killer

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Ah, darn, stuartwanda. I was hoping there was something new I hadn't tried yet.

In my experience, although it's important to get the stuff back to the nest, what really happens is that after a while they just say, "This is a lousy restaurant. Let's go somewhere else," and leave for a while. :)

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Those ants are either sweet feeding or grease feeding, depending on species.

For sweet feeding, get some honey and mix one part Borax to two parts honey. Put a drip of it out in their scent trail. They will go NUTS for it! It works much, much better than any store bought bait.

If they dont come for it, they are grease feeding, so do the same with peanut butter.

The solution is cheap and very effective. Keep it away from pets, they will lick it up too.

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Slopfrog, you called it! They are grease ants - I think because they haven't touched my sugar bowl but found one running near a knife we used to butter toast. They are so small, I usually can't see them. Our kitchen counter is white so if I stare at it, I might see a couple.

I put borax all along the kitchen floor to the kitchen door. I know they are coming in from the balcony as I see them out there. There is a kitchen door which isn't tight and they must be coming underneath. I am going to try the peanut butter and borax tomorrow.

I've noticed the borax seems to lose its strength after a few days. When I put new down, I see them run. I think they might be under the stove which is right next to the kitchen door.

We are renting this condo and I hope to find a house soon so we can leave. I'm not sure I will adjust to the bugs in Florida!

Thanks all,

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How did it work out? You don't want to just sprinkle borax around. It may drive them away but it doesn't kill them. You want to mix it into their food. Borax is a very slow acting poison, which is good because they have time to take it back to the queen(s) and kill the whole colony.

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I don't think any pesticide kills them unless they drown in the spray. Just started noticing these bugs after I got back from vacation for a month. They are always around the sink and bathroom.

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Funny to see this old post. Well, we moved out of that condo and bought a house. So far, so good.


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Had a terrible time at our old house in Boca Raton with the stupid ghost ants. Sears pest control got rid of them, but then Sears sold that unit (and our contract) to Terminex, and even though the spraying continued, the ants returned. So, we fired Terminex but never found another company that could get rid of the darn things. Glad I don't live in that house, anymore.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

had always thought the entire population of ants lived at my house . Fire ,carpenter,small, large house ants . Would be happy to share with you ?? Don';t be discouraged they will be back!! lol gary

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I was shown a house in TX that had the buggers around the sink. They do look like weevils. I lived in TN for 20 years; and because of weevils getting into meals, flours, etc. (from the heat) I still keep those things in my frig. The TX house shown to us had been empty for a while; and it looked like everytime my husband smashed one of the bugs with a piece of paper others would come up from the drain with the garbage disposal on it. This thing doesn't have an ants body or wings. Nor is the sink at a window. Gave me the creeps. Sad... I liked the house.

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I mix up boric acid with white Karo syrup and put it onto little pieces of paper all along their path. Within a couple of days, they are gone and never come back.

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