Keeping Mandevilla vine over the winter?

lary1047(z5 MI)October 5, 2008

Hi everyone!!

We live in Michigan and have the most beautiful pink Mandevilla vine growing this past summer in one

of our trellis pots. Since it is becoming Fall here very quickly, we were wondering about trying to save

this plant and have it again for next summer.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to bring it inside or how to care for it?

Thanks Lary

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

You can indeed bring it indoors, if you have room for it in a sunny window.

Trim it back to a reasonable size, realizing that it will likely grow during the winter, although not as rapidly.

Clean it really well before bringing it inside. I have found that they are susceptible to aphids, and/or white fly. Hose it down really well; spray with an insecticide of some sort including the top of the soil; let the insecticide do its thing for a few hours; and then hose it down again. I would also let it dry in the garage before you bring it inside.

Ihope it works for you. They are a beautiful plant.

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Yes, the only times I have not succeeded is when I did not get it cleaned well enough & eventually lost it to infestation. Other years, no problem, did not even keep it in a south window. Good luck.

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paul_(z5 MI)

So how's the mand. doing lary?

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hibiscusfan zone5-Northwest Ohio(5 northwest Ohio)

I brought my mandevilla in over winter and it doing great, want to try to get some starts. also brought my gerba dasies in and have a fungus gnat problem. Any suggestions on getting rid of them.

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