When is it too cold to plant

thegermaninmichiganOctober 26, 2006

I have created a wonderful lasagne bed and was wondering if it is already too cold to plant. I live in Ann Arbor and we have already had a few frost nights. I am thinking of bulbs and seeds at least, but may be also bushes, ground cover, etc.

What do you think? Any advice is greatly appreciated.



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Yvonne, I live in Adrian, about 25 miles south of Ann Arbor and I'm still moving plants around, planting bulbs, etc. I don't know what kind of seeds you have in mind? You might want to try winter sowing them. If that's new to you, log onto the winter sowing forum & check out the FAQ's. Very informative and also the folks on that forum are very helpful. I took a class last fall through the city of Adrian & the instructor says he plants sometimes to Dec. as long as the ground isn't frozen. Hope some of this helps. Happy gardening.


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Thanks Carol. Do you live in Adrian or close by. My in-laws live in Tipton and her name is also Carol! :-))

I have started a lasagne bed ontop of my grass, so ontop of the grass I have newspapers, shredded leaves and compost. Do you think that I can just put the bulbs into the "leaves & dirt"? Seeds, I am not sure yet. I will check out the winter sowing forum - have not seen that yet.


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Yvonne, I live on Trenton Rd. on the west side of Adrian. Of course I know where Tipton is. I'm a retired realtor, so I'm familiar with Lenawee Co.

If you are planting in your lasagna bed now, you need to cut through the paper to put in your bulbs, plants etc. I have done some beds this way also. Last yr. I extended a border by the Lasagne method. The biggest advantage I could see was the fact that I didn't have to bust through all the sod & dispose of the sod too. It also helps to keep the weeds at bay.


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Looks like a wonderful day today so I will plant my bulbs today. Thanks for your advice.


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