Will Ivy go dormant and come back in spring?

mizcupcakeOctober 23, 2009

I have some planters that I brought in from my deck...they have some ivy, grasses, geraniums and potato vine. As in other years I will store these in the crawl space and restart them in March but the ivy was a new addition this year and am wondering if it will live by going dormant.

Thanks so much for any advice? Brenda

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hi brenda

i have a friend who cuts his down every fall
and they come back well...
good luck,,

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Hi Diggy!
Thanks so much for your reply and I a
will try it and let you know how they do!!
Again thank you Brenda

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imagooch Z6a SW ON(zone 6a Chatham ON)

It depends on the ivy
I have ivy that comes back and it has a really tough woody stem, so I don't even bring it in, but have had some in planters in the past - a German Ivy which is tender and must be overwintered in side. I never let it go dormant, but kept on watering it. Then in the early spring, cut off pieces, rooted them and set them outside again. A lot of bother for a cheap plant, but a good challenge anyway

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