Shasta daisy for tropics?

Barbara.P.Strigoi(11)February 22, 2012

Hi, Have anyone grown shasta daisies in tropical zone 11 ?

I've seen shasta daisies in the tropics but I'm not sure what type of shasta daisy they are.

And yes, they were shasta daisies... not gerbera daisies ... I can tell they were shasta daisy or a close relative because of the leaves.

Hope you can help me :)

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I am not zone 11, but zone 9b( Rockport Tx), I cannot grow a shasta daisy for anything, but gerber dasies grow like weeds.I have tried to plant them in full sun, dapple shade, and full shade. Here in Zone 8 ( San Antonio, Tx) where I live they grow beautifully. I have the same problem with the coneflower, Persian Shield, and the Fringe plant, they grow like a weeds in San Antonio, but die at the coast, I think they cannot take the salt in the soil down there. I have tried at least 3 times in diffrent locations, and they always die at the coast. If you do not have salty soil, then they will probably live. Barbra

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Thank you :)

I will try to grow some ... I bought some dwarf shasta daisies seeds. I hope they grow well here. :)

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luvs2plant(z9 TX)

Try oxeye daisies (chrysanthemum leucanthemum). They're tougher than shastas but just as pretty.

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