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DeniseZone9AFebruary 25, 2013

Lafitte LA-jso. of N.O. Any help is most appreciated!

Cypress Vine-thinking about growing it in some kind of free (if possible) container and training it up atrellis. Any idea how many seeds in what size container? Any idea how long it will take to be about 6" tall by mid-June?
I want to make a room screen with the vines.

Delphiniums-when is best time to plant seeds?

How fast will Carolina Jessanibe grow here? Just planted 6 from Lowes

When do I trim a Confederate Jamine? This one is about 3-5 years old and not big-i don;t know what is wrong with it? Never been trimmed.

Any suggestions on some type of home mixed flower potting soil that I can make? i need a lot-like 30 large bags of it.

I hate dollar weeds.

Thanks for any help!

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Delphiniums won't grow in zone 9a. We have to get blooming plants right now, already mature, and they won't survive our heat for next year. The only ones I've seen are in about 10" pots for $24.95. Not worth it. They won't live long enough this far south to bloom if you start them from seed. However, next fall, you can plant larkspurs from seed in the fall to bloom in the spring; that's what we have to do instead of delphiniums.

If you need that much potting soil, it would be cheaper for you to buy a couple of yards of soil from a soil yard. There may be one in your area that has a potting mix, or you can get a good soil and mix your own.

I hate dollar weeds, too.

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