Spigelia Marilandica Rescue

drewl(5a)October 29, 2007

I rescued two spigelia plants on a plant rescue for Georgia Native Plant society back in Spring of 2006. They have been in pots since that time, and started to thrive this summer until the 100+ degree drought hit. I am moving up to Wisconsin in a couple of weeks, and am looking to see if anyone with a woodsy natural garden having filtered sunlight would be interested in rescuing this beautiful native species from me, free of charge? Hopefully if they are planted in the ground, they'll do much better.


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Wisconsin, heh? That'll be a lot different that here in GA.

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Drew, if you don't get another taker, I'll be happy to give them a home. I have one in pot from a previous GNPS rescue already.

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Why not donate them to the GNPS for their fund raising plant sale? I'm sure someone would be happy to care for them until the 2008 sale or the next meeting. If no one near you volunteers, email me at cornerstone1133@aol.com and I will arrange to pick them up.
Wisconsin? Have friends that moved to Milwaukee to be near one of their daughters. Sadly, both are now in bad health and can't enjoy the outdoors, as they did here in Georgia.

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I would be interested. I have 1/2 acre of hardwood forest on a slope. I think it could do well on the "civilized" edge. It's mostly Georgia red clay but the slope can provide drainage.

I'm in Flowery Branch, how far away are you?

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Don't forget that you can meet someone to bring this plant or donate it to GNPS at the annual GNPS social meeting on Tuesday, November 13th at 7 pm. It's a very fun meeting with very little meeting and lots of socializing (plus some info, I'll be working the Education table):

"Come to the November meeting and see your friends, elect new officers, vote on Plant of the Year and win prizes! You will also have the opportunity to see what our committees have accomplished, new ideas for next year and more."

It's at Atlanta Botanical Garden.

Here is a link that might be useful: GNPS website

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I forgot to mention that if someone is not a GNPS member, you are still invited to come and check it out. We'll have lots of informational tables so it's a nice time to learn more about GNPS. New people are always welcome!

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Thanks for the interest from everyone.

I think I would like to give them first to stevega up in Flowery Branch (since he can put them in the ground in a habitat that they'd like), although I'm smack dab in Midtown, right next to the Carter Center. I'm zipcode 30312, right on the border with 30306. Steve, is this too far of a drive for you? I must admit that they're not much to look at right now. In fact, one is almost completely
pruned back from summer scorching, although I'm pretty sure they'll bounce back next Spring if cared for.

esh_ga or georgia-rose, I'll keep you updated if Steve decides he can't pick them up this weekend. BTW, I'm moving out on the 11th, so sadly I can't come to the 13th meeting at ABG.

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Hi Drew

Sunday mid morning (10-11)would work best for me although I could make it another time if it's better for you. You can email directions/time to me at my work sburkhalter@2wti.com

I'll take good care of them. Since they are poisonous, deer probably won't be interested. I'll spray them anyway.

Thank you,


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Hello Drew
I haven't received directions from you yet. Did you try to email? You're probably super busy with the move.
Please let me know. Thanks

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Hello Steve,

I did send you and email, but I'm not sure if it was rejected as spam. Let me try through another email.

You can also reach me at 404-210-6403. I should be available Sunday morning.



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Hi Andrew,

The Spigelia are in the ground, in the shade, in moist areas-ammended clay that never gets totally dry. The roots looked good on both. The roots were long and straight, not branched. I guess that reflects their need for moisture.

Thanks-have a good move

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For any interested, the attached are pictures of the two rescued spigelia form last year. The are in a very sheltered area near the house before relocating to a more natural area. They suffered some wind damage from various T-storms so you can see some plant stakes.

Can anyone identify the ground cover near the house in the second picture. I'm letting it stay around because it is so easy to pull out. I got it as a trailing plant for a container years ago and it keeps popping up here and there. It's pretty much evergreen.

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hi..kind of looks like creeping raspberry to me. Did it have real small white flowers just recently ? I have indian pink in part sun but i've seen it in full sun to. The hummers like it alot......bobby

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bobby, thanks for the info on hummers. I didn't think that the flowers were the right shape. I'll keep an eye out. I haven't seen many yet. I think that they are waiting for the black and blue to be in full bloom.
The ground cover is not creeping raspberry, I have that elsewhere. This plant is delicate and has small lavender flowers.

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Might it be Glechoma hederacea, Ground Ivy? Considered a weed by most.

Here is a link that might be useful: Glechoma hederacea

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