Kwanso daylily question

ruthzJuly 21, 2014

I was at my brothers house in Georgia recently digging up a couple of his Oriental lilies.
He had some orange daylilies blooming that he said used to be my grandpa's.
My grandpa died in 1955 and I can't remember him having daylilies, but I wanted a start for sentimental reasons.
We were on our way back to Texas and my camera was packed so I didn't get pictures. I think it might be Kwanso.

Was Kwanso around before 1955?

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Kwanso has been around for a long time. I don't grow it here, but have read that you need to be careful where you plant it. It can be aggressively invasive, and near impossible to get rid of. It is very pretty, and I've heard of people planting it in the whiskey barrel containers, and that way they can enjoy it without fear of it spreading and taking over their daylily beds.


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It took me forever to get rid of it. I still find sprouts now and again.

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Thanks for letting me know how invasive it is. That lets me know I should grow it in a pot.

But my question is, was it around before 1955?
My grandpa died in 1955 and the one I brought home is from what he grew on the family farm.
I googled it but didn't find a date.

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I read on a horticulture site that Kwanso has been around since the late 1700's. It was mentioned in a blog post, so I don't know how accurate that information is. I do think it's safe to assume that it goes back prior to 1955.


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Thanks Linda
I checked a few orange ones that looked similar, but they were all dated later than 1955.
So at least I know it might be Kwanso.

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