Encore Azaleas, any luck?

red9279February 18, 2009

Has anyone had any luck with the Encore Azalea? I live south of Hoston about 30 miles from the coast. I have bought several and every single one of them died after just a few months! What am I doing wrong? I put them in sun they die, shade, they die, part sun, they die, morning sun they die! I just don't get it. I like azaleas and was just wanting some that would bloom more often but can't keep these alive long enough to see them bloom twice!

So has anyone had any luck and what did you do? plant right away, watering, feeding, anything will help. Thanks

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Plant a little high with lots of organic material in afternoon shade. Make sure soil is acidic.

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I planted mine last year at the worst possible time, at the beginning of summer when plants were being marked down. They looked rough until this spring, of course, and one isn't doing as well as the other. Lots of new growth on one, but the other is stuggling a little.

I planted mine high, as don licuala suggested and added lots of compost then and this spring. Mulched really well with chopped leaves. Mine do get a lot of sun, until very late in the afternoon. It's probably too much, but I hate to move them now. I don't really fertilize much for any of my plants, maybe twice a year. I'm a lazy gardener :)

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