Trees in courtyard - question from Michigan lurker

breakfastclub(5)October 5, 2007

If anyone has suggestions for this mess of a courtyard, I'd be most grateful. The oval rocks will soon be replaced with mulch. I wouldn't mind reusing the sandstone somewhere - it was edging pond forms that have been removed. The area is on the north west side of the house. We love the japanese maple and it seems to be thriving where it is, but it is encroaching on the sidewalk.

Would it be worthwhile having the maple pruned back and leaving it where it is? Or, what about having it moved to the other side between the house and the weeping cherry to screen the white fence? I think there is just room for it now, but wonder if it won't be problematic as both trees continue to grow.

We've been here five years, so I would guess the maple to have been here 10 years tops.


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merrygardens(z5 MI)

Looks like a really lovely setting with exciting possibilities. I would try limbing up the maple--start at the bottom and take off branches until it's off the sidewalk and you like the looks of it. The stones would be a swell walkway dividing planting beds. Northwest exposure--hmmm, not sure, but I think any number of plants would thrive in that setting. I see you've got landscape cloth with stones--I would get rid of all that, enrich the soil and start the quest for plant material that you like and that would do well there. Pots of plants could go on that wall and drape down both ways.

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Thanks for your response. I suppose the first thing I should do is have someone out to look at those trees - I'm quite certain we'd ruin that maple if we tried limbing it up it ourselves. I do like the idea of the pots on the wall. They would help break up all of the "beigeness" of the house.

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casper1(5/6- -10F Ont)

Personnally I wouldn't touch the tree, I would change the pathway. Its a bigger job,but it would soften the look, and not threaten the maple. Rai

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I understand that japanese maples are too fussy about being transplanted. I wouldn't take a chance with that unless you're not really concerned about the odds of losing it.

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that japanese maple looks happy, i'd change the walk before i fooled with the tree. i like the cherry tree too. i'd go for some sort of japanese inspired entrance. raked stone--you have some, a drift of iris, a tree peony or two. some
small ever greens and a water feature (maybe a barrel)
digger b

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Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Unfortunately, moving the sidewalk simply isn't an option right now.

I had planned on a small fountain or birdbath at the corner of the house on the side by the cherry.

I've never heard of a tree peony, but I do love peonies. The area only gets late afternoon sun, and then not that much. Would that be enough sun for them?

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