pagoda dogwood is it getting too much sun

kgmax(5b)October 3, 2011

Unable to get the Dogwood I really wanted, the garden centre suggested a Pagoda Dogwood, saying the only requirement was partial shade. I explained the spot was surrounded by 100 foot spruce and maples on one side but that it would have full sun from about 2:00 to dusk. They said this was fine, but is it?? It flowered alright, but soon after the leaves became yellowed with brown dry tips and edges. An entire branch died so I was forced to remove it, but I am still not certian if this was due to an insect problem, or if 5 hours of full sun is just too much. I have another spot which gets cool morning sun, but no afternoon sun and a spot which gets filered sun since it is nearer the big spruce. Would either of these be more suited? I really want this tree to make it and be healthy. Can anyone help me

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

With proper moisture, I've seen pagoda's do fine in full sun. Did you make sure the rootball was fully moistened when you watered it? Any of the locations you mentioned should be fine for one.


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KG, you didn't say how long it was in the ground. The crisp edges might have just been a response to transplanting. Too much sun would probably scorch the entire leaf, and generally only on the sunny side.

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I have two pagoda dogwoods. One receives more shade than the other. The one that receives full sun in the hottest part of the day from about 11 to 2 is not doing as well as the one that receives part-shade throughout the day. They are planted next to each other, so soil conditions are identical.

PD is a woodland understory tree which prefers moisture levels found on lower elevations. If not given ideal conditions PD is highly susceptible to golden cancer.

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Oops, I meant Golden Canker. Sorry for the confusion. Bottom line, Pagoda can survive if given proper moisture in full sun but prefers part-shade where moisture levels are more consistent.

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That should be plenty of sun for Pagodas. I would guess they got a little dry this summer. Plants often fade after they have finished flowering, as they lose a lot of energy. They might bounce back next year. Here's hoping.

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