Hoping that 3 times will be the charm!

honeybunny2(Z9TX)February 10, 2012

I decided that I will try to grow heliconia again. This is my 3rd time ordering them. I have learned alot about making soil for tropical plants from the plumeria forum. I will use this soil for my newly ordered plants. I will let you know how it turns out. Barbra

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I wish I knew you wanted Heliconia. I just gave a huge clump away. Heliconia rostrata. I grew mine in a 30gal plastic pot. H.r. is tricky for me to grow as my greenhouse is only 8 ft inside. The H.r. would take up a third of the space. Like some giners it blooms on 2nd year growth, so mine is 8-10' by the time it started to bloom.

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Pat those are beautiful, and yes, i did order one of those, one stricta iris, and torch ginger. Do you amend the soil in yours, if so what do you use? I was thinking of using miracle grow potting soil, and half turface. Does that sound like it would work? I will plant them next to the house in dapple sun/shade, I am driving down friday to make the soil and put in 20 gallon ceramic pots. The plants will come next week. So far we have not had any freezing weather in Rockport. I am planning on bringing out my plumeria and desert roses on March 12th( spring break), The mesquite trees are blooming, so I think it will be ok. Pat, two of the plumeria cuttings you sent me are doing great. I am going to plant them in gritty mix I made, as soon as they go outside. I hope to see little leaves this spring. I will buy cuttings in April, that is why I made the gritty mix. I lost all my cutting last year, I think I bought them too late in the season, and planted in miracle grow, I did not know about the gritty mix. Barbra

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A friend that gave me the starts grows her Heliconia r. in a raised bed within a sunny alcove. I understand they are a little trickier to grow in full sun/don't look as nice. But... it should make for a more stout plant. Protect from wind but provide air circulation. In my pots I put about 4 inches of fir bark the Miracle Grow potting soil and topped with a couple inches of mulch. Yeah Barbra, no freezes here, just a few frosts. Much to do in the back this spring. I removed the big Ash tree, so lots more sun.

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Pat, I will mix the soil, as you recommended for my new plants. I plan on planting them around March 10th. I will drive down to Rockport tomorrow, so I can make the soil. I will also need to get pots ready for my new grafted plumeria I will get from Florida Colors. I had dug up everything tropical after Thanksgiving, and put in the garage for safe keeping. I have spend a small fortune making plumeria soil this winter. The plumeria forum recommends making gritty mix, so I made it. I spoke to a couple of older men from the Corpus Christi Plumeria Society, and also Carol from Florida Colors, they all said I needed to add some great potting soil, to the mix. What do you think? They said the gritty mix is great for rooting plumeria cuttings, but the plants in Texas would need potting soil. I am so confused, I am thinking about adding miracle grow potting soil to my gritty mix, if I do what % of potting soil would you use, I already have the fine mulch added to the mix. What would you do?? I am not there to water everyday, and depend on a sprinkler system that waters every other day. My plants will be in 5 gallon buried pots, in full sun. I had to start over last year, and would hate to loose all my plumeria again. Barbra

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If you have sandy soil in Rockport with typical real good drainage, I would fill the pots with straight Miracle grow potting mix. As you know, in Hawaii plumeria grow close to the ocean often in nearly pure sand. My Dad grows them in pots in Phoenix and they dry out big time but live.

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Pat, I planted 20 gallon pots with miracle grow and turface, putting 2 inches of fine mulch on top. All I need to do is plant the plants when I get them. Boy am I ready for spring. I have placed these pots in front of the two well houses that are in the shade, protecting them from the North wind. I hope they do well. I bought those light weight pots, so I could move them inside in the winter, but after putting in the soil, I could hardly move them using a dolly. Barbra

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Let us know how they do Barbra. Size of pots are becoming an issue for me as I become less strong with age. I find myself using more Perlite in my mix and fewer clay pots. It's hell gettin old. :)

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Pat I know what your saying, next month I will turn 64. I still feel 29, but I know I cannot do as much as I use to. My best friend is a dolly, that has solid wheels, I don't know what I would do without it.

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