That lush, 'full' look to a garden

Ann_in_Houston(z9 Houston)February 26, 2008

Once you start to have some success with bushes and plants and all, how do you add things without invading or damaging the other plants you already have. All the advice is to dig a wide hole, but I don't see how you can. So many have posted pics of beautiful, 'crowded' beds. How do you do that?

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Sometimes it happens by accident. People miscalculate the mature size of their plants when they're small.

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

Sometimes it's a matter of luck I think, like when I planted a dark sweet potato vine that wandered around among several other plants and tied them all together. Sometimes I actually do it with some 'malice aforethought', knowing that this cute little thing will spread out and make a larger plant, and then put bulbs in where they'll have room to spread, and it doesn't take very many things like some salvias to fill space fast.

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I think the lush look can be very nice but is often only temporary. It seems to be a product of serendipity. Enjoy it while it lasts but after some time passes, the owner is often left with a nightmare to maintain. If you do strive for this, it is best to "over-plant" with plants that are easy to pull up IMO, some have been mentioned above.

I prefer the zen look that actually allows bare mulch to show thru in spots. Seems to add an element of tranquility that the "lush" gardens lack IMO. Though I also like to view the "lush" gardens when they are at their peak, I just don't want to think about the maintenance when they start losing their luster. Each to his own.

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If you have weeds you don't have enough plants. I often dig a small hole & stuff plants in spots. If a weed can grow there so can a plant. Then if they get out of hand I just dig out what I don't want.
Tally HO!

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