Crepe Myrtle removal

landdawg(8)November 3, 2008

Thanks for everybodys suggestions, the crepe myrtles are now in someone else's yard. I dug a trench about the plant about 18" from the trunk and cut all the roots I could find with an ax. I left all the limbs intact. I pulled the tree over with my truck, loped off all the limbs about 5 feet up, loaded it in the truck (very heavy w/ soil) and off they went to a friends house. So now from what I read in the comments, I'll be fighting the roots for years. True? Thanks.

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I wouldn't say its a "guarantee" but a possibility.

It sounds like you did as best you could in making sure you had it all when you took the plant up. Now, I'd spray the area with a killer and wait for the spring to see if anything sprouts up. If it does - stir the ground and pull out more root system and then spray it again.

Mine didn't come back this year - but it took 3 years to get rid of it. It was a 20 year old tree though and that has an extensive root system.

I'll be curious as to what happens,

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