anyone growing lisianthus?

Irmgaard(5b MI)October 12, 2004

I killed a lot of this in the past when trying to grow it in the ground. I think it's very fussy and demands a lot of drainage so the past few years I had had much better luck with it in pots. It is so beautiful, I just love it. It's hard to pick favorites but the top of my list has lisianthus, and big mophead hydrangeas. I had the best luck with the first one I ever planted. The first year it was covered with blooms the size of my head, and the second year, this one bush produced blooms in three colors, blue purple and pink!!! The folowing years were less dramatic and now we have moved but I'm still dreaming of that kind of success again.

Things I HATE in the garden are stinging nettle (I have tons to pull all the time, yeah I need more mulch) slugs and those horrible earwigs. Am I a bad gardener if I use systemic controls? I figure the good bugs are not the ones that are eating my plants so they won't be bothered?

Oops, is it OK to babble on this forum, I'm home from work to recuperate after having my eyelids done (PHP is paying) and its so much fun to have time for this!

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Ann_Michigan(z4-5 n.w.lower)

Did you get any seeds from your Lisianthus and if you did was there enough to share?????

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I have never found the seeds from my plants to be viable so I order fresh seed each year. News Years Day tradition is to start my LIS.

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