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oilag11March 3, 2007

I am about to sod my backyard in my new home in Houston. I have pretty clayey soil, and I don't like the idea of having it be quite muddy when it has been raining. Is there any downside to putting down a 2" layer of sand on my soil before I sod? I could see maybe my irrigation requirements being a little higher because the grass doesn't have as much water (hopefully the sand would allow it to drain away), but is that it?

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Sand is good but there is still a base of clay. I worked a few years back on a baseball field with tiffway bermuda on it and it had a solid base of clay. I dumped a bunch of gypsum on it and it solved the problem over time. It is now quite beautiful. Gypsum breaks up the clay bond and allows water to filter through.


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