Warning... Vigilantes

quirkyquercusNovember 21, 2007

Just so you know there is some wackjob going around cutting hoses that you might have attached to your tap outside, breaking or taking sprinklers and messing up the water meters and stealing pipes. They sometimes are leaving notes taped to mailboxes also.

Also a while back when I posted about that women in the safari hat with the camera in the official looking vehicle, well the gwinnett county water authority has no idea who it was and swears they are not patrolling like in other counties.

The water dept also said there have been other complaints but that this is an emerging problem. If you have become a victim of this, call the water authority at once and if you'd like they will send someone out to check your meter to make sure it is in proper working order.

If you catch them in the act or snooping around you or your neighbors' property you should call the police. Be sure to pay attention to what the person looks like (height, hair color, clothing, distinguishing features, etc) and also what type of vehicle they are driving and the tag number.

This is amazing that someone thinks they are doing a good deed when in fact they are breaking multiple laws in the process and if this person ever comes around here again, they're in for the surprise of their life.

Check your hoses and hose-end sprinklers and put them away. Time to winterize anyway.

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buford(7 NE GA)

Yes, we put all our hoses in the garage. Can't use them anyway.

I'm more worried about someone stealing the water I've been storing from my rain barrel:)

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I wonder if anything will happen to that well publicized water hog in Cobb county? He seems a likely candidate for pranksters like that. Luckily he's in a gated community.

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I read an article this morning about a business in Snellville (I think) that got a massive water bill after undergoing a huge water-conserving effort. Seems that they had an outside hose, and that a truck with a water tank was pulling up in the middle of the night and stealing water. This wasn't an isolated case.

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Even before all this mess I was concerned that kids or someone would come along and turn the faucets on and leave it running as a prank so I control all that from inside where I can close the valve and turn off the outdoor faucets.

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what is this world coming to?

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an end?

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