Do Morning Glories Need Morning Sun?

bayougreen81(8b/9)March 31, 2010

I've tried morning glories in containers, on small patios, before with little success. I'm ready to try some seeds in the ground this year, but am not sure how to pick a happy place for them. Mostly I need more information on their light and water requirements.

Any Advise?

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I've grown morning glories for years. I've found that on the Gulf Coast, the afternoon sun makes them wilt. I'd say that morning sun would be a better choice. If they don't get enough sun, they won't want to bloom. As far as watering goes, not too little or too much.

I usually soak the seed overnight before soaking. I also scratch the surface with an Exacto knife (and try not to cut myself)

Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Deborah's Garden

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Thanks for the info, Deb. Definitely helpful. Now I know which side of the yard they should be happiest on. I think I have the perfect spot! I'll also try the soaking/scratching method.

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