Winter Morning Glory care

shannon_whiddenNovember 15, 2004

So I've just moved to Windsor, Ontario from Phoenix Arizona, and needless to say, I'm clueless about preparing the various plants here for winter. On two of my fences, I have a great growth of morning glory. I'm wondering if I should cut down the dead vines in order to make way for new growth in the spring, or if I should leave them up. I want to ensure that I have a nice growth again in the spring, as it's a fantastic privacy screen. Any thoughts, advice etc?

Many thanks,


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grannymarsh(z4-5 U.P. MICH)

The only Morning Glorys that I am familiar with are annuals. Perhaps you can harvest the seed?

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Hapslappy(Mi z5b)

Hi Shannon, I live in Michigan & have fences full of morning glories. We take down all the dead vines before winter to make room for the new ones in the Spring. Most of the seeds that drop from your old vines should sprout in the Springtime. Leaving the dead vines up will probably just look icky next year. Have fun experiencing Winter, another Shannon

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I have had similar experiences here in Chicago, they seed themselves easily and are annuals. Good luck, you might want to insulate them with a little mulch.

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Hi my name is Darlene:
I live in Wisconsin.I have a morning glory in a container growing on my fence.Should I plant it into the ground before winter?Do I need to prune back the vines that are climbing on the fence?

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Morning glories do not survive the winter anywhere in zone 5 (which is where wisconsin is). They are annuals and won't come up again except from the seed. Cut down all vines in the winter b/c they'll look messy.

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So, from an earlier post I understand that over-fertilizing morning glories will cause an abundance of leaves and little to no blooming. This spring I added my own compost and worm castings to supplement some particularly poor soil and planted Heavenly Blues mixed w/saved seeds from other variaties I've previously grown in pots. Only the previously cultivated varieties have bloomed, and sparsely at that. The HBs have yet to bloom. Is there anything I can do to encourage blooming?

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tobyisrnewfie(5b/6a Metro-Detroit)

I doubt that your worm castings and compost are too rich for morning glories. How tall are they? I don't do a single thing to my morning glories other than cut down the vines in Fall. The seeds that drop & sprout don't get watered, or fertilized or anything and seem to not set flower until they are a good 5' or more tall. Are they getting enough sun?

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We leaves are vines up over the winter on the pretext of better than nothing covering a chain link fence. My purple ones will reseed themselves. You need to pull off the dead vines in spring before the new ones climb.
Heavenly blue seems more sensitive. Save seeds to hedge your bets.

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