Which shrubs/perennials are still flowering for you?

maylandNovember 13, 2008

I'm interested in getting year-round color from shrubs/perennials, so I'm trying to mix plants that flower at different times, and to include some long-bloomers.

I have 2 Agastaches and a Salvia that have been flowering for months now:

Agastache Tutti Frutti (planted around a Callicarpa Americana that has similar colored berries) (the house covered with ivy is not ours!):

Agastache Coronado (i think, i am not very good at documenting!)

Salvia Black and Blue has a few flowers left (you can just see them behind the Itea Virginica, which is turning red now):

I'm also enjoying how my Abelias look after flowering. The tiny flowers themselves were long-lasting. This is Rose Creek after the flowers have dropped off:

I also have Camellias, Toad Lily, and Tiarella flowering now.

My Echinaceas did not flower very long, but this was their first year and they were very small, so I hope for more next year.

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My Salvia greggii is still blooming quite a bit.

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Camellia sasanqua - several cultivars
Ligularia tussilaginea (syn. Farfugium japonica)
Tricyrtis hirta (Toad Lily) cultivars
Aster georgianus (syn. Symphyotrichum georgianum) - Georgia Aster / European Honeybee magnet! (Mt. Cuba Center clone)

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Oh that's true for me too - Georgia Aster. Mayland, I should mail you some seeds for that.

I also have Mexican sage (Salvia leucantha), Turk's cap hibiscus, and Salvia coccinea blooming.

Obviously Salvia as a genus appears to be a good one to have ....

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rosie(Deep South, USA 7A/B)

Some things I have not already listed are adenophora (probably a couple different species I grew from seed, but I lost the tags a long time ago), some dianthus, and aster 'Rachel Jackson." Oh, and Tagetes lucida sold to me by Pike's with a name-brand label and verbal assurance that it really was genuine tarragon. It's not, but the late bright-gold bloom has been welcome for the past two years and looks very pretty with red pineapple sage and the rose Crespescule.

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Nell Jean

I still have gerbera daisies, pentas, salvia leucantha, salvia coccinea, salvia farinacea; random echinacea, gaillardia and roses -- awaiting that killing frost that will take out everything.

Charisma floribunda 11/13/08

Just coming into bloom is Camellia sasanqua, which blooms until near Christmas.

Camellia japonica blooms after Christmas. Open blooms will be browned by a hard freeze, but the hardy buds will open in the next warm spell.

Kerria blooms midwinter, very pretty tumbling down a hill.

Don't forget winter annuals like violas/pansies (violas are hardier) and snapdragons and Iceland poppies.

Pentas and Pansies

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rosie(Deep South, USA 7A/B)

Pretty! It'll be mostly hard freeze basically from now into March for my garden north of Lake Lanier, where pansies survive in a way that makes seriously consider euthanesia. It's this time of year when I wish I were down your way.

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Nell Jean

Rosie, have you tried Iceland poppies?

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Thanks everyone, i think I will add some different types of Salvias!

Georgia Aster looks very pretty too and when I googled for it, I read that it now only grows in 4 states. Esh, I would love some seeds, can I send you an SASE? My success in growing anything from seed has been rather limited so far, but I will be trying some winter-sowing again!

Foxesearth, thanks for the annuals tips, I love iceland poppies and may add some of those.

I think last night's frost will have wiped out most of these flowers now...

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Sure, mayland, email me off line with your address and I'll mail them to you. I don't need a SASE.

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rosie(Deep South, USA 7A/B)

Hey, Georgia aster--the one I brought home from Nearly Native's out there someplace still I hope. Have to go looking for it.

Nell, I've been loving the pictures of your garden here and on the Cottage forum. No, to iceland poppies since moving to Georgia. Obviously I need try them in a sheltered spot since I do love hem. Night before last, though, I got confirmation of my suspicion that we're not just in a slightly cold spot here just north of Lanier but a COLD spot. 15 degrees. Maybe I could start seed inside after New Year's Day for early spring bloom, or would now be better?

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