Tuesday Blooms

nat4b(4)July 3, 2012

Well nice, I am getting sick. All this coming from the heat to the air-conditioner, fans, etc. Felt fine yesterday. Anyway, I decided to sleep in, and was taking pictures at about 11am.

The one I identified as Chicago Knobby

Zuni Thunderbird - just a few buds left

Beautiful Edgings

Cat Dancer - it's one of the sick ones; 2FO

Chris Salter

Best of the day award goes to Bombay Silk today (certainly looked better in person)


Chocolate Cherry Dreams

Golden Tear Drops - sunny picture made it look pale

Party Pinafore - that one is sick too; won't have as many flowers this year, and that only scape it has is quite short

Gwin Leman - probably will be my only flower of it. That plant got sick one of the very first. Those leaves showing in the picture are what is left of it, plus a scape. I'll cut the scape of course, but will it even help..

Ah yeah, and Raspberries in Cream - again, and again. Because I never know if it's going to show up next year, I enjoy its every bloom

Thanks for looking!

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Nate, I am sorry you aren't feeling well. You have some lovely blooms, though. I really like Raspberries and Cream. Party Pinafore has always been a favorite of mine.
Bombay Silk is gorgeous, and so are your NOId and Chicago Knobby clumps.


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The heat can aggravate any condition, as well as cause heat stroke before you know it. Bombay Silk is a marvelous clump and is loaded with buds. Chocolate Cherry Dreams gave a good pic.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Raspberries in Cream is my favorite if them all but really they are all very lovely. Party Pinafore us another I really like here.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

They are all very pretty, my favorite is PARTY PINAFORE. hope you feeling better.


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Thanks Kay, it always nice when they open many flowers :)
Thanks Mantis, yes heat can. Chocolate Cherry Dreams often has one petal sticking out but today it has several good looking blooms, it's just that I planted it too close to the fence and they all were facing the neighbors.
Thanks Rita, I love RIC, it is so different from the others I have.
Thanks Jean, not better yet but I hope soon :) Party Pinafore is one of my faves too.

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Julia NY(6)

Raspberries In Cream is very pretty with the eye and edge. Looks like Chris Salter does well for you. I finally gave it up here. I like your whitish NOID. Very pretty.

Hope your feeling better. I too wasn't feeling up to par a couple of days ago and chalked it up to the heat, air conditioning and visiting Lowe's which had one of those spray mists running which you couldn't avoid as you checked out in the garden center area.


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The heat can really get to you so take care. Your daylilies are looking great, even the sick one Party Pinafore and Raspberries and Cream are my favorites. I hope all your sick ones pull through.

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