First hard frost date

Blue_Bird(z7b)November 14, 2005

It seems the easterners had a warm fall. I am wondering if you have had the first hard frost yet.

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Not yet (here in Hamilton, CDN zone 6, US zone 5). In fact, we haven't had any frost at all and all the annuals, including impatiens, are still going strong. Lots of rain and also wind. However the forecast is for colder nights (below zero) and this rain turning to flurries near the end of the week, so we'll see.

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motria(z6 Chicago)

We've just had a light frost or two so far.. no blackening of leaves. It's actually 31 degrees right now. But I see out the window that my elephant ear is still green and smooth.

Tonight, though, the forecast is for about 22 degrees!

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doniki(z5/6 NE Ohio)

About the same here around Cleveland as in Chicago... One night down to 30F and a few other light frosts (low to mid 30's), but no hard freeze.. Well tonight will take care of that -- 26F, and 22F tomorrow night...

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wildcitywoman(z6a CDA)

Was it the night before last they warned about Tornados - did you get any?

We've had the winds and rains here in Toronto and one night seemed pretty close to a hurricane (I thought so anyway).

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There have been very heavy winds a few times over the past 2 weeks and last week there was some damage to a couple buildings -- I believe that was classified as a tornado. Although there were some warnings of tornados a couple days ago, I think in the end it was strong winds but no tornado. However, it did bring in the cold weather and it is -2C right now, with some snow flurries. Our warm fall has ended.

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