Fertilize geraniums??

peter4(6a MI)November 3, 2006

A friend has decided to bring a few of her geraniums from the garden indoors for the winter. I have told her what to do when they get too leggy, but I'm not sure about fertilizing them. Should they be fertilized now or at any time this winter???

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

I suppose it depends on what you want to happen with them. Personally, I want to keep them alive, but just alive. I replant some but do NOT fertilize. Often as not, they treat me with flowers around Xmas, but don't grow too tall either. In the spring, I trim them back again, and put outside. I don't recommend fertilizing at all for most of my plants which I bring indoors, including my brugmansia and my oleander. Keep them going, but just = no fertilizer. The last thing I want is tall lanky plants ( which have to be cut down anyway.)

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peter4(6a MI)

Thanks a lot, jroot. That's kind of what I thought, because I usually don't fertilize any of my house plants going into winter - they need a rest, too. My friend is all escited because this is the first time she's trying this and says they look better now in the house than they did outside all summer. She's not much of a gardener, but she tries!!!

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Peter, What do you do when they get too leggy?

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