Can you grow Daffodils in Atlanta?

christy2828(8a)November 15, 2008

Sorry about the dumb question! My sister just moved from Orlando (where they DO NOT grow) to Cumming, GA. I picked up some Daffodils for her on freecycle today, but I want to make sure that they grow there. Does it get cold enough there, or do they need to be pre-chilled? Hopefully we can just put them in the ground :) When is the best time to plant them, December/January? Or can we plant them this month when I am there? Thanks for any advice!! Christy

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frannyflowers(7b Marietta, GA)

Hi Christy, not a dumb question at all. Yes, daffodils will grow just fine in Cumming and this month is a good time to plant them. You don't need to pre-chill them just pop them in the ground. I also sprinkle in a little bulb fertilizer and work it into the soil when I plant them.

I prefer to dig larger holes and plant clusters of them rather than a separate hole for each bulb. It's less work and I like the look better in my garden.

I just love daffodils, they're easy to grow and so cheerful!

Happy planting,

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Thank you!! That's funny you mention one big hole. When we first moved to MD from Fl, I had to have bulbs. I had no experience with them. I bought about 250 of them, and convinced my husband to put them in the ground for me. He dug 250 holes. Later that year, I read you could not only dig several big holes, but that you could layer them with bulbs that don't need to be planted that deep. He wasn't very happy with me!! Of course, he put in about 450 for me the next year :) Christy

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frannyflowers(7b Marietta, GA)

That's so funny! I did the same thing, the first year I planted daffodils I dug 200 separate holes. I'm from Florida originally too. I miss the beach but love the change of seasons and the neat plants I can grow now. Franny :)

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