anyone else do any planting over Thanksgiving?

paul_(z5 MI)December 2, 2004

I wound up planting about 120 bulbs[tulip and crocus] at my sister's place. Gave up on trying to do anything with her raised bed of solid clay for now. Planted everything in her small ground level bed instead. Be interesting to see how it turns out.

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I planted a Dawn Redwood tree. I was really excited to get one. I also dug up my cannas, elephants ears, and a gunnera. Better late than never!

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goodhors(z5 MI)

No planting, I managed to resist the on-sale bulbs! I did get a bunch of stuff dug in for winter, re-planting in the spring in their permanent locations. My mom didn't have her places ready for the shrubs yet, so they are staying here for winter.
We had lots of snow on Thanksgiving morning and mud the rest of the weekend. I just fluffed the mulch a bit and smiled!! Kicked a few more leaves over the beds of perrenials. A good weekend.

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rxkeith(z5 MI)

got snow here. no more planting this year.

keith in calumet

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Think I can still plant some bulbs or am I dreaming...guess it depends on the soil temp and diggability...only one small dusting of snow here and some fairly mild weather (Milwaukee)...should I even bother???

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paul_(z5 MI)

If the ground is still soft enough to work, go ahead.

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cantstopgardening(Zone 4/5 WI)

Planted over two dozen daffodils. Also emptied the compost tumbler. Dear daughter cleaned all the pine needles up in the doggie's potty yard, so they don't get pine needles stuck between their toes all winter. Dear husband made Thanksgiving dinner, dear son washed the dishes, so it was a very good day. Lot's to be thankful for.

We got some colder weather right after Thanksgiving, so I thought I got the daffs in just in time, but today, our soil seems soft again. Lots of rain these past few days, that wasn't soaking in at first, but now it is.

Now, I'm just dreaming of a white Christmas.

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Irmgaard(5b MI)

The Saturday after thanksgiving I planted 2 little heathers that I could't resist at VanAttas and I put a couple of potted mums in the ground...shocked how fast I got tired and winded, but it felt great.

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