Trumpet Vine in Heavy Shade?

SwampSlugApril 1, 2013

I have a barren chain link fence between my house and my neighbor's. It divides the roughly 6' wide area separating the two homes, 3' from fence to home on either side. It gets maximum 2 hours of direct sunlight and that's a generous estimate. The two houses are a pale yellow/off-white color that does a good job of reflecting rays. I really want to plant some trumpet vine in there because I love the way the plant looks and I want to attract hummingbirds to my garden in general. I've been reading up on Campsis and it seems that a lot of people report issues with blooms when the vine isn't in full sun. Has anyone out there on the GC had success, getting it to grow AND bloom in heavy shade?

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I am not sure about the blooms but here in the Houston area and north there are Trumpet Vines that have climbed trees and ended up killing those trees. I have never seen very many blooms but that could be what time I saw them.

I have one that covered one side of the garage. The root was as big around as my arm and at least the length of the garage. Took over 5 years to kill that root.

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I have trumpet vines in my yard they are everywhere
the roots have grown 40plus feet underground and have
popped up in every direction spent 4 full days pulling up sections from 3 to 10 and more feet this spring and they
are still popping up in the beds they have even grown up through the bottoms of 24 inch pots
think twice before you plant them I consider them very invasive

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hementia8(8 MS)

It is one of the worst weeds in my yard
They are almost impossible to get rid of

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