Gourd Bird Condo

corar4gw(JAX9A)June 23, 2012

I think Marcia (Manature)posted this for me quite some time ago, but I wanted to post it again (since I can do it myself, now)to get some attention for a one day event in St. Augustine that I will be taking part in. I'll post the link/info separately.

The event will be at Al's Nursery and the emphasis will be on gourds. I will be doing a demo on making a type of clay using the gourd guts - sans seeds. The only piece I'll have to sell is a Wind Harp made from a huge gourd.

Check post Gourd Bird Condo 2


P.S. how do I make photos for posting,smaller?

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DUH! looks like I DON'T know how to post a photo.;o0


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maybe THIS time?

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whgille(FL 9b)

Cora, you got it!

The gourd bird condo is very original and cute! Good luck with the event.


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