Gerbera seeds

april_sound(Z8 TX)April 17, 2009

Gerbera seeds are long and thin, with a rounded end and a pointed end. The pointed end is where the "parachute" is attached for wind dispersal. Planting advice on the Internet seems contradictory; some say plant it rounded end down, other say pointed end down, most don't mention it because they are lying horizontal in a plastic bag.

I'm using the Park Seed biodome because the sponges have a small hole in them that fits gerbera seeds perfectly - and leaves one end in daylight, which is another recommendation. They all seem to be sprouting nicely, but I frankly didn't pay much attention to up and down.

Anybody know which end is which?

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Sounds like you do good, many seeds will take care of the problems we may create when we plant.

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april_sound(Z8 TX)

After they came up, some still had the seed husk attached to the dicot "leaf." Basically, the leaves come out of the seed end that was formerly attached to the "parachute." That makes sense, because the other end will be pointed down when the seed lands.

Not all gerbera seeds look the same, so you are probably safe putting the broad or fat end down. The Flickr picture gives you some idea what to look for.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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