Peanuts in Ontario

jimihendrix(5b Ont.)December 20, 2004

dos anyone know how to grow peanuts in zone 5. Looking for a few tips can you help me.

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

Boy, this takes me back. I recall planting and harvesting peanuts when I was a boy, ( a few scant 50 years ago). That was fun, but as I recall one merely planted the peanut in the soil, a half inch or so, and hoped that the squirrels didn't get them. Then they grew up, and we weeded, and later in the fall harvested. I think I recall also going to get some planters peanuts, because they were so much easier to eat while we struggled to clean the ones we had just dug.

Boy, am I ever starting to sound like an old gubbler. LOL

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jimihendrix(5b Ont.)

I just bought some Raw, Virginia Jumbo. the Farmers Market. I checked other sites it says 120 days of frost free. It should work out good. Will keep you all posted how it works out up here in Ontario. Thanks Jroot for the old time story

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ladybug6a(6a ontario)

I have grown them. Peanuts like sandy soil. Good luck

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jimihendrix(5b Ont.)

I got Virginia Jumbo raw peanuts i will plant peanut in the shell. today i got some Valencia Peanuts from a seed store 100 days these are not in the shell, going to try both it says it likes sandy soil, i got clay soil to work with i quess i will have to keep the ground loose untill the pegs drop. thanks everyone

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jimihendrix(5b Ont.)

I dont think Virginia Jumbo Peanuts will work in Ontario the season is too short i will try the Valencia Peanuts they produce 25-50 peanuts per plant, that seems to be what the farmers grow up here. "Peanut Butter this Fall" Yip-ee-do-da

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jimihendrix; Good Luck !!! And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I've tried to grow peanuts for 3yrs now with no luck. My sister-in-law sent me some peanuts from Oklahoma, "The Peanut Capital Of Tha World",so she says. First year, I didn't get them in till end of May, not long enough. The next year, bugs got em, my fault. Last year I don't know what happened. No rain, for awhile and the ground got rock hard, and the weeds got out of control.(ruined my potatoes too) This year I plan on getting some water out there by extending my garden hose once again, but thats another 3-400ft. I've already bought a peanut-butter machine so I have to make this work.!!! I got 3 little ones last year so that makes me wanna try and try again.

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jimihendrix(5b Ont.)

DianeZone5: I did my reasearch Valeccia Peanuts are the one`s that should work in Zone 5, 25-50 peanuts per plant. The ones from Oklahoma the season is too short for Zone 5. You got a Peanut Butter Machine. Try the Valencia Peanut seeds. PB and Jam this Fall. MMMMM. I did Potatoes and Sweet Potato`s, My one row of Sweet Potato`s produced better than my 2 rows of regular Potato`s Cheiften, and Kenebec. I grew my own Slips in the Window. Last year was too cold and rainy.

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jimihendrix: Thanks, I will try the Valeccia this year. I make all my own jams and jellies, so I want to go one step farther than my grandparents and make the whole P.B.&Js right out the back yard. Some-day I may even try some wheat(that looks easy enough) and make the bread too. As far as the potatoes go, I will try some again, but every year when we close the cabin for the Winter, we go by a small farm market that sells potatoes,(white & red) for $8.00 for a 50lb bag. Maybe I'll just do the sweets. I bought the peanut-butter machine at an auction for $8. Its not quite as creamy as store-bought, but the flavor can't be beat!

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

I was in the local hardware store this morning, and noted that they were selling peanuts for planting in the garden. Unfortunately they did not mention a particular brand name. is zone 5, Ontario, there are peanuts to be planted.

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Looking for any short season variety peanut for a friend in Ukraine.Anybody have any luck growing in northern US or Canada? He also wants to grow popcorn commercially.Any tips out there would be appreciated.

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jimihendrix(5b Ont.)

Try Valencia or Spanish, they are 100 day short season types.

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jimihendrix(5b Ont.)

Dug up my peanuts on Saturday Sept. 24 2005, only had 13 seed that germanated from 4 packs of seed. Valencia Peanuts ave. 20-30 peanuts per plant. Going to save some seeds for nex years crop. Saving my own seeds should produce less duds and a higher germanation. Yes peanuts work in Southern Ontario.

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

You're in business now. How do they taste?

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jimihendrix(5b Ont.)

Got to dry them out for a month, then roast in the oven. Should have enuogh for a Saturday night leafs game on tv. Let you know in about a month. Next year should be better im saving some seed, going to do about 30 plants.

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thought i had a new weed this year....
have been feeding the squirrels and blue jays peanuts in the shell for years...
turns out the squirrels were very busy last year....
had peanut plants popping up everywhere in my garden this year...

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I am trying to grow peanuts for the first time in NCO. Thanks all for the ideas and varieties that will work in zone 5. A friend of mine brought back seed peanuts from GA and we both planted them. Hers were eaten by a duck and mine are sprouting up. At first I thought I had clover growing in the garden then I looked up what peanut foliage looked like and whew it was peanuts. My neighbors think I'm weird for trying it, but who will be laughing this fall?

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I want to plant peanuts here in tennessee so I can have some good ole boiled peanuts.........yum yum, makes me think of trips to Panama City Beach and stopping at the first road side stand and getting a nice, hot, dripping bag of the tasty little nuggets. What type should I plant? Di I plant the peanut with the shell on or take the raw nuts out? How deep to I plant and what kind of soil? Will top soil with my compost mixed in do?


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