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gonegardening(7 VA)July 15, 2014

White Eyes Pink Dragon is just getting going:

Piglet, a bus plant from the LA National, has been a welcome surprise. It is white (at least here) with pink, a very pleasing combination...and this that it feels at home...great scapes:

Interesting, I see it is registered as baby ribbon pink...but, I don't see that....which is fine with me. :) Maybe in more sun, it might pull that pink out.

Anyway....I irrationally like this one. I mean, I can't think of a reason, except I just like it. Unusual color of yellow with a blue-red velvety red eye and edge..very pretty to me. I guess that's enough. Paco Bell:

Last Snowflake, making a later appearance (living more up to its name) for the first time...usually it seems to bloom earlier...

I thought of that because it is blooming with Suzy Cream Cheese which is considered a late:

Much Ado About Magic is very pretty but not tall enough for me, sadly...

An old reliable favorite, Swan Pond. Never disappoints.

A surprise this year....Orange Clown...a big wonderful bloom...laboring in the shade...earning a spot in more sun. Can't wait to see what it will do under better conditions:

We had some awesome thunderstorms...and now, back to sunshine. Got to love summer!

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gardenofeden777(8a central Louisiana)

Waiting for thunderstorms here too, my gardens need the rain & hoping it'll promote more rebloom.

Much Ado About Magic is very pretty. I've been meaning to add one to my gardens with the color like Paco Bell it's pretty and bright. And I'm always drawn to the pinks. All are so nice.

Rena' :-)

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twixanddud(z5/6 SE Mich)

Wow, lots of great looking daylilies! I like them all, but probably White Eyes Pink Dragon and Orange Clown the best. I just bought WEPD last summer, I'm looking forward to seeing it bloom in person! Piglet looks sweet.

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Piglet does look sweet, and I'm envious of your WEPD (since you know mine has never bloomed). I like the stone basin in the one shot. Is that a bird bath?

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Piglet looks cute in white :) Love Paco Bell colors. And my second favorite today is Orange Clown.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

wow; some very nice beauties today. I do like Much Ado About Magic very pretty, and I like PACO BELl, too. I had a little Chinese pag puppy my daughter had gave me, and it slipped and fell down the steps and landed on a water pipe, then was whinning like it was hurting, so I brought it to my vet to get it checked out, and nothing was broken but had some bruises, so the vet gave me some pain pills to give it a couple days. second pill killed it, as it was allergic to the med.I rushed it back to the vet, but, he couldn't save it,and I loved that little puppy so much.


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You've got a lot of pretty ones blooming there. Piglet is beautiful, it reminds me a lot of Sanford Intermezzo which was one of my favorites, but the bad winter we had seems to have eliminated that one here. Paco Bell is very cheery ....I like it a lot. Also like WEPD and OC.


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I too have Swan Pond; it makes a beautiful clump. I added White Eyes Pink Dragon and wonder how strong a grower it is.

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gonegardening(7 VA)

Thanks, Rena. I don't know this...but, I think this...that, here, rebloom is mostly determined by great spring rains...which we had this year. You have a long growing season, so hopefully you will see rebloom and treat us to pictures!

I'm not usually a yellow/red or variations thereof sort of person. However, my tastes are all over the page these days. Paco Bell, though, is much different in color than the usual ones. I hang onto to it....just because, lol.

Thanks, twix. You'll have to post pics of your WEPD because we can never see it enough, right? Of course, that goes for all daylilies (not to slight any others). Orange Clown has come out of nowhere this year. I think it must have heard my mutterings as I wander around trying to decide who stays and who goes.

Piglet is sweet...I hadn't really appreciated it before, I think, but it's a nice break from some of the complicated ones. And, keep me posted on your WEPD, Chris, as you simply must have it...and have it do better. I'm a little embarrassed at the awkward angle of that picture...which occurs to me yes, that's a bird bath (being engulfed by various things)...which if the picture weren't so weird would have been more obvious. Leave it to me. Ha.

Thanks, nat4b.

Oh, Jean...I am so sorry. Did that just happen? What an awful thing to go through. I'm heartbroken with you. I wish I had something to say that would make it better. Take care now and I hope the flowers in your garden and here offer a little comfort.

Thanks, Linda. I had to look up Sanford Intermezzo. Wow, that's a pretty one. I can see why you liked it. It looks to be a larger flower and has that nice pink edge, too. SI reminded me a bit (more) of one I grow called Shepherd's Crook....although it is shorter than SI and a little smaller...but it does have the edge. Mine is not quite as pink as the AHS picture (maybe it's the shade it's subjected to here) it appears more white with pink.

Thanks, you guys!

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WEPD is gorgeous and so is your Orange Clown. I
Particularly like Much Ado About Magic. I had it at one time and lost it. Piglet is pretty and delicate, and Paco Bell is very cheerful. Nice bunch of blooms.

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Nancy zone 6

White Eyes Pink Dragon is such a pretty flower, I hope it picks up for you. Orange Clown is callin' my name too, I really like that color & I bet it really catches the eye.

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gonegardening(7 VA)

Wish you were closer, Kay, as MAAM will be looking for a new home. Thanks!

Oh, it will, ngraham. It's just getting started as it is definitely a mid season (here, I'd call in a ML). Thanks, Orange Clown is definitely an eye-catcher (I saw it over there in the shade, lol).

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Wow, love White Eyes Pink Dragon and Orange Clown.

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Maryl zone 7a

I think Piglet and Orange Clown top my list today. Their colors just speak to me for some reason.....Nice group for sure........Maryl

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