jasmine growth rate?

mmgrowApril 30, 2007

live in pensacola and wanted to plant some confederate jasmine along a long fence so it would clump over it for a nice effect. do i need to buy a whole bunch of the stuff or will it spread out pretty quickly? i hate waiting years and years for something to grow when i can buy it for $10 at a local nursury.(plus i dont exactly have the greenest thumb either!) also does it tolerate intense gulf coast heat and humidity? should i prepare the soil somehow or cover it to protect it from the 30 deg. snaps we occasionally have? any input will help.im new to this gardening stuff!

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We planted this tough vine about 20 years ago to hide ugly carport posts and it worked. Our Louisiana weather is hot and muggy with occasional hurricanes and Confederate Jasmine loves it.

I never had any luck planting a cutting so just buy them and plant as many as you can along your fence. Good Luck!

(These photos were taken last week.)

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

WOW!!! That's gorgeous!

My neighbor has some along her fence and I love smelling it this time of year. I planted some the other day and plan to add another vine or 2 in the next couple weeks when we finish a new fence run.

Mmgrow, we get the occasional hard freeze here and it doesn't damage the jasmine.

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Thanks for the pics. I'm running out to buy some right now!

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The rule of thumb for jasmine is .... the first year it sleeps, the second year it creeps and the third year it leaps.

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wannab(8b & 4a)

Hi, We are over in Lillian, Al. so have the same weather as you do. No need to cover the Jasmine. Have had ours on an arbour for about ten years. BUT regardless to what they say about the third year leaping, ours grew rather slow for the first five years. I find that it tends to grow UP much quicker then it spreads out. You would likely want a plant every five feet or so for a good cover. It is a beautiful evergreen vine, and the spring flowers WHOW.

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