can gardenias stand afternoon sun

mmgrowApril 30, 2007

i recently planted three small gardenia shrubs on the west side of my fence.this was advised to me by the sales lady at walmart. i later read that they hate extreme heat or afternoon sun. they seem happy and full of blooms-but its only the end of april and the season of intense afternoon sun has not begun yet. should i move them now,leave them and let them acclimate to thier location, or wait till they go dorment and move them? how is their success on the gulf coast-i dont realy see them in my area

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

I've got one that gets a little morning sun and a lot of afternoon sun, and it does fine. I've been amazed at how tough it is!

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Well 2 out of 3 are doing well. One has officially bit the bullet! I may stick it out just as an experiment since they were pretty cheap. It's good to know that it is at least possible to grow them here in the blistering heat!

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If you can get them established they will bloom more and more often in full sun than in partial shade.

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My husband loves the smell of gardenias, I have tried 5 diffrent times to grow one. The last time, I was determined I could grow it. I bought a 5 gallon plant, dug a hugh hole and filled it with mirclegrow garden soil. I planted the gardenia in the morning sun, and the gardenia still died. I think our soil may be too salty. Barbra

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I am usually on the winter sowing forum, but I found this forum last night. I should probably check it out more often because I live in Niceville, which is in the Florida panhandle about 60 miles east of Pensacola.

I moved here 2 years ago and bought my house--the gardenias were already here--they are huge, probably never been pruned but they are so pretty, I haven't been able to prune them even though they are about 8 feet tall.

They are on the southwest side of my house, which is in the shade almost all day because I have a lot of large trees. They lean over the fence to get some morning sun from the neighbors yard. If fact there are more blooms on their side than on mine. I think they are beautiful, and the heat doesn't hurt them at all. I love them, and thought you might like to see some pictures of them.


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wow!!!!!! that was inspiring! Thanks for the pics.

Quick ques. How long do they blume for you?

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I have several gardenias in different parts of my yard. The only one that doesn't do well is one that is in full sun (previous owners mistake). I have 2 that only get afternoon sun and two that get morning. There's isn't much difference in any of them. If your survivors don't live through the summer, you would probably have better luck after the September heat has subsided if you want to try again. Perennials do better if planted in the fall (in the hot south) so they have time to establish theirselves.

As for the babies you have, mulch them real well and water them often and say a little prayer and they may get established before the heat hits this summer.

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I KEEP MINE IN THE SHADE. They ARE BEST THAT WAY? They KEPT COMING. Did anyone get that black funky fungus on any of there citrus or Gardenias down herethis past year?? I tried everything? The whole towns got it??Black spots on some laeves? But not all plants?? I spent too much?? thanks!!

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little_dani(9, S. Tex Coast)

Honeybunny, it could be that your soil is too alkaline for the gardenia. I think they like it a lot more acidic than we can provide for them.


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I live in New Orleans, LA and have 3 gardenias. They are all in full sun, bloom prolifically and one is taller than my fence. I posted on my blog about it if you are interested.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nawlins Garden: Inherited Gardenia

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