Wave Petunias-Do they really stand the heat?

bloogootootxApril 21, 2007


I'm new here, but glad to have found you!

I've been hearing about the Wave Petunia and that it's heat tolerant. Has anyone in Houston or other super hot and humid areas had any luck with them? Any tips? Also I heard that they've made a heat resistant Dianthus. Does anyone know the name or how they do?


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ltcollins1949(9a TX)

I was recently at Maas Nursery in Seabrook and bought three 4" pots of the heat tolerant dianthus. It didn't have the name on it, so I can't help you there. Maybe you can call them and ask. They sure are pretty and have been blooming nonstop.

And my sister bought some wave petunias there. They are supposed to be very heat tolerant.

The Laura Bush Petunia is a cross between the Petunia violacea VIP and old fashion Texas petunias. Both are on the Texas Superstar list. The Laura Bush did great even through the summer.

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I'm down on Dauphin Island in Ala and the Wave petunias do beautifully here. I don't waste my time on the others any more the do so well.

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They plant them around the medical center in Houston & they seem to do fine. The salt air gets them here sometimes but I have seen some do very well along the seawall in the dead of summer.
Tally HO!

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pwilli(zone 9 Florida)

I live in Pensacola, Fl. Wave Petunias are my favorites! We have serious heat and humidity but the waves do very well here. Just make sure they get enough water. Mine are in pots and I water them twice a day. They get full sun.

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juneroses Z9a Cntrl Fl

There was a dianthus question posed in the Garden Letters section of the August 2005 Southern Living edition. The response was that "Bewitched", "Bath's Pink" and "Firewitch" tolerate high heat and humidity.

"Firewitch" has blue foliage, a "very long flowering season" and bright magenta flowers "on an outstanding plant".

When I gardened in Ohio I grew "Bath's Pink". It had a beautiful clove scent so I'm especially partial to it.

I also can vouch for the Laura Bush Petunia. I grow it here in Florida. It blooms summer, fall, winter and spring for me. No deadheading necessary. Wonderful scent which wafts into the house when windows and doors are open. Flower color is magenta. It also self seeds.


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ltcollins1949(9a TX)

My waves didn't make it even though I planted them in April. However, in the past, I've had Laura Bush make it through the summer.

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So far the ones planted around UTMB are doing well, but we haven't been really bad with heat but a couple of weeks. They may be drowning right now!
Tally HO!

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My wave petunias, like the heat, but we have had too much rain, and they do not like that combination. 90% of mine rotted in the ground. I think they would have been fine, if not for all the rain. This week, we had over 12 inches. Barbra,

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Thanks for all the replies, I went ahead and bought a few and so far they are doing well, although they look a little scraggly.

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All the ones here on the island seem to have bit the dust with all the rain last month. How did yours do?
Tally HO!

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