Covered patio, container plants

cursivesailorApril 7, 2008

We are about to start building our house. The living space will be on the second floor, the first floor will be half enclosed garage. But the back half will be open to the back yard. We are in New Orleans, and I don't want to get wet again, hence the raised house. Our "covered patio" area will be about 35 by 35 feet. Huge area, most of which will have no direct sunlight. What shade plants do well in containers? Tall, short, mini-trees, a little bit of everything.

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I will caution you against having a lot of plants in pots. Even on a rainy day, potted plants receive insufficient water from nature. Hence, they will need to be hand watered almost daily. If you choose plants out-of-zone, they will have to be brought in for winter rather than covered since the root zone is more exposed in a planter.

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adamharbeck(WA Aust)

I would reccomend Chamaedorea genus palms, particularly Chamaedorea seifrizii.

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

I'd think most any shade plants would do well--ferns, rhizomatous begonias, some gingers-- Watering can be a problem unless you enjoy the process, which unfortunately for my many potted plants I don't enough! But there are pots with reservoirs which make it more like a weekly job instead of daily, and water-absorbing crystals that help. I've found some plants do better in pots and let me grow things I couldn't grow in the ground--the combination of better drainage than we have here often, and the extra chill to the roots, can actually 'expand your horizons'. That's a large area as you say, and I think the edges would work better than the middle unless you add lights.

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