There's Fungus Amongst-Us

Tullia(9)May 28, 2014

Good morn,

This is my second year container gardening using a 5 gallon bucket method. I have about 25 plants. In April they started getting hit with a fungus - mostly the cucumbers, zucchini, and squash. I sprayed the squash with milk and it seemed like it was getting better. A couple days ago it seemed to come back with maybe a rust fungus on the zucchini and the squash has white fuzzy mold spots under the leaves....I went out and bought "Garden Safe Neem Oil Extract 3in1" last night, but am concerned about the safety and effect on bees. It says for organic gardening. Has anyone else been able to combat these problems any other way? Is neem oil a good/safe choice? I am still new to this, but am applying for the Master Gardener course so hopefully I can gain the knowledge to work thru these issues.. Thanks.

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Imapepper(zone 8)

I have used cornmeal around the roots to control fungus on my crepe myrtles. They had it all over the leaves. That stopped it, haven't had it again since I did that, only one time about 3 years ago. I figured won't hurt, might help kinda like chicken soup when you're sick.

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