Butterfly Garden.

Misscole85(9)May 28, 2014

I'm wanting to convert a large portion of our front yard into a butterfly garden and need some advice on how to get the area prepped.

I'm planning on putting in mostly local wildflowers as well as some milkweed and two or three larger flowering plants near the back of the garden.

First concern...
The area I'm working with is larger, so I was planning on renting a tiller to break up the hard soil and get the grass and weeds out. Is this the best way to clear the area or should I be treating the weeds first?

Second concern...
The area I'm going to be working on tends to only grow weeds. Grass has never done well in about half of our yard. Will this be a big problem for plant I put in? I will have to bring in new dirt, to replace what inevitably gets removed during the clearing process, but does anyone have any recommendations on how to prep for wildflower seeds?

Also any suggestions on good plants for butterflies would be greatly appreciated.
I'm located in the gulf coast region of Texas near Galveston.

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