Heath & Haether FAQ : What questions should it address?

cranebill(6)April 20, 2004


What questions should a FAQ for this new forum address? We need your input. Thanks.


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It would be nice if it included facts like where it will grow, how or if to fertilize, common pests or diseases, and how to take cuttings, propogate. How it does in the landscape vs containers. Yeah!

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Rachaelfish(6 North Carolin)

Well-it could include many things- i think soil requirements. etc acid soil, no nitrogen, etc, would be good faq-will have to think a while.

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joy4me(z6 NY)

Also, placement in the garden, winter protection and what to do if there is winter damage. eg. if there is some green after winter, cut all the way back or trim back to green? Different coverings that can be used for winter protection.

Difference between Heath and Heather.

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Thanks for the suggestions. They give me enough to start putting the FAQ together. Please keep your questions coming.


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DrewBklyn(z6 NY)

I think something about differing blooms times might be useful, just so potential heather/heath gardeners are aware of their options. As a newbie, I was delighted to learn of winter heaths that do indeed bloom Nov/Dec through May; careful selection of plants in a grouping allows for the potential to always have a heath or heather blooming, year-round.

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dirtmonkey(z8 OR)

Areas of the world they're native to?

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I would like to have someone address: rooting cuttingsof heath/heather. Also what is the best method? Anne12

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Great idea and excellent suggestions so far.

Trawling this forum will give ideas, too. For instance, sooooo many questions about "sickly" heathers from those (always, it seems) who fail to cover their heathers over winter.

1. Tips about shearing them in late winter (and then recovering them until about mid spring in the North). [Rockspray Nursery gives very good horticultural advice. So does Heaths and Heathers.]
2. Their U.S. zonal ranges, but with inclusive info of how well they do in various parts of the country, i.e., those with high humidity vs. those with more arid conditions
3. Rates of growth (generally or with specific examples; for instance, 'Velvet Fascination' has been a slow grower for me compared to others I grow).
4. Appropriate and reputable mail-order sources (E. coast/W.coast).

It is commendable that you are taking this on. If you want any help, email me.

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Hey, BruMeta!

Commendable?? Hardly, considering my initial posting was well over a year ago, and no FAQ to date. Thanks for being so gracious, though. There are a lot of good suggestions posted here, certainly enough for a pretty thorough treatment when the FAQ is written that answers the questions people have posed. I'm resolving to finally get to work on this project and to finish it by around late October/early November. I'll no doubt benefit from your advice and knowledge, BruMeta, so thanks for the offer of help; emails from me should be forthcoming.

Any more suggestions for FAQ content from anyone else out there? Thanks all.


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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

One thing I see mentioned over and over on this site is Mexican Heather which isn't a heath or heather at all.

2. Some cultivars are supposed to turn brown or a different color in winter.

3. pruning/shearing instructions

4. soil preparation

5. climate zones/appropriate zones and information for each zone. For example here in Portland we do not have to cover our heathers in winter. They grow like weeds here.

6. differences between heath and heathers. Heathers are all Calluna vulgaris hybrids but there are many different species in the Genus Erica with differing care and requirements.

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