African Iris

felipoMay 23, 2008

About a month ago as part of a landcaping project we planted about 40-50 African Iris. We are close to the beach and therefore the air has a high salt content especially in the wind. We chose this iris because according to what I read it is fairly tolerant to most conditions. Some say it is moderately salt tolerant while others say it is not. Anyway---about one third of them have died---they turned the color of hay. They got plenty of water and are planted in soil that is over a sandy base. Anyone have experience with African Iris?? Any suggestions?

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They grow all along the seawall here & do just fine. Constant salt spray. Are you overwatering them? They like it kind of dry. Not really all that unusual to lose a few, root damage, rot from the nursery, etc. If the others are doing fine I would just replace the dead ones & cut back on the watering.
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