Help! I need suggestions on plants for erosion control.

magnoliasouthMay 14, 2012

I have searched and searched until my eyes are crossing. I need (possibly) 3 different kinds of ground cover for erosion control.

A short plant/grass for full shade, one for partial and one for full sun.

I think the partial and full sun is fairly easy, but the one that is tripping me up is the full shade.

The only one I can find is English ivy, which our neighborhood has banned. My neighbors are not really helpful either and have suggested a number of plants that require sun, and that is helpful for the sunny spots, but is totally useless for the shady spot.

I was really wanting Irish moss, but apparently it needs some sun.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Oh and as a reminder, I'm in zone 8b.

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I put off for years trying to avoid growing a lawn on a slope and needed something for erosion. I tried wildflower mixes for a few years, but weed and the short span of it really looking good had me change it up. I finally succumbed to (lawn) grass. But I do have some Asiatic Jasmine that is a good groundcover, works in shade and 1/2 day sun. But then you may get neighbors to shoot this down too as it has a growth pattern like English Ivy.
I had considered planting various grasses. There are numerous in color and heights. I went with a tiered planter area and lawn to keep the flow going.
Question about snakes? Well? I've seen a snake in the wildflowers, in my A.Jasmine and on my freshly cut lawn . . .so not so sure if I would use that for a decision maker.

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jcalhoun(8b Mobile County AL)

Try contacting Bill Finch at the Mobile Botanical Garden or the ACES county agent on Schillinger Road.

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