Where did I go wrong? Pressure regulator weight woes

delidivaJanuary 23, 2008

I just finished canning Annie's salsa and had a problem in that most of the time the pressure regulator weight either didn't jiggle until I turned the heat up and then wouldn't stop jiggling until I turned it down again. It didn't jiggle 1-4 times every minute like it was supposed too - well it did but only a couple of times towards the end. I think I might have turned the heat up and down too much so please tell me what I did wrong (the dial gauge stayed at 10-12 but I know that I musn't rely on that but on the weight) So here's what I did - sorry it's long.

14h17-Put heat on  inner 3 gas rings full ; outer ring ½ on

14h25 Venting slightly-spurting a bit of water  pressure still 0

14h27 Venting a bit more

14h28 Venting harder  start counting

14h30 Pressure up to 0.5

14h32 Pressure up to 2.5 Â turn off outer ring

14h34 Pressure up to 4

14h35 Turn 3 inner gas rings to ½

14h36 Pressure down to 2.5

14h38 Pressure down to 2. Set pressure regulator weight over vent pipe

14h39 Water starts trickling from vent pip

14h41 Pressure up to 5 Â starts spurting a little water

14h43 Pressure still on 5 Â turn inner rings full on again

14h45 Pressure up to 8 Â spluttering and more steam coming out

14h46 Starts jilling  pressure up to 10  start counting

14h47 Still Jiggling - Pressure up to 12  turn inner rings to ½

14h48 Still constantly jiggling

14h49 Stops jiggling  pressure dropped to 11

14h51 Pressure drop to 10 and I get nervous  turn gas rings up ¾

Pressure goes up to 11

14h52 Starts jiggling again  pressure goes up to 12.5

14h53 Still constantly jiggling  turn gas rings down to ½

14h54 Stops jiggling  pressure reaches 11

14h55 Jiggles twice

14h56 Jiggles three times

14h57 Pressure goes up to 12.5 and it starts jiggling withou stopping

Turn gas rings off very slightly and it stops jiggling  jiggles once more briefly

14h58 Pressure down to 11

15h01 Hasn't jiggled since 14h57 Â pressure drops to 10 Â turn up gas rings slighly

Pressure goes up to 11

15h02 Pressure goes up to 12 Â starts jiggling and stops

15h03 Jiggles 3 times

15h05 Pressure reaches 11 but no more jiggling

15h06 Still no jiggling  turn up gas rings a bit

Pressure up to 12 and jiggles

15h07 Pressure goes up to 12.5 Â still constantly jiggling

15h08 Turn gas rings off slightly

15h09 Pressure reaches 11 and stops jiggling

Jiggles 10 sec,stops2,

Pressure up to 12 Â jiggles 10secs ,stops5, jiggles 10secs

15h10 Jiggles 10 secs

15h12 Jiggles 10 secs

15h13 Jiggles 4 times

15h14 Pressure goes up to 12  constantly jiggling  turn off slightly

15h15 Stops jiggling  pressure down to 11, jiggles once more

15h16 Turn off heat with great relief

15h28 Pressure reaches 0, removes weight and open canner

15h38 Take out jars  doesn't pop and lids aren't concave so it doesn't look like they sealed.

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Linda_Lou(SW Wa.)

It is not SUPPOSED to JIGGLE. You have a dial gauge canner. That is not a weight that jiggles.
There are 2 kinds of canners. A dial gauge and a weighted gauge canner. Only the weighted gauge canner jiggles.
Your dial is bad. You need to either get the dial replaced with a new, tested working one, OR get yourself the three piece weight set and turn your canner into a weighted gauge kind.
You don't have a true weight. You have a "counterweight". It is only meant to build pressure and hold it in there. That "counterweight" isn't a 10 lb. weight. It doesn't jiggle during canning... not on a dial gauge canner.
So, until you get a weight set, it won't jiggle during caning.

Here is a link that might be useful: Using pressure canners.

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Linda_Lou(SW Wa.)

Ok, Tanyak, I figured it out. What you have is a different brand. You have All American. They do have BOTH the weights and the dial gauge.
Here we have different kinds and brands of pressure canners.
We have Presto, which is a dial gauge canner.
Mirro, which is a weighted gauge canner.
All American, which has BOTH kinds on it.
With the All American, yes, use the weight on yours that is the 10 lb. weight. It should jiggle when the pressure is correct.
You still vent for the full 10 minutes. Then put the 10 lb. weight on. Then once it jiggles for the right amount of times per minute, then you start timing. Keep it jiggling for that many times per minute the whole processing time once you get it regulated .
Your canner has a weight Pressure regulator weight with settings of 5 psi, 10 psi and 15 psi. , correct ?
It has three different holes, one for each amount of pressure you would use.
The dial can be used on that one as a reference guide, but if the gauge is bad, then you won't be relying on it.

Here is a link that might be useful: All American Canner.

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Linda_Lou(SW Wa.)

Here is a link that may help you in using your canner.
You should have the round weight with yours, with the 3 different holes. Use the one for your altitude, according to the chart on the link.
Here most people need the 10 lb. one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Using a pressure canner.

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Yes - sorry should have mentioned I have the All American. I think in terms of my problem of the weight either jiggling too much or too little it's just a matter of getting to know my gas burner and playing around with it - we use electricity in the house so I'm not used to gas either - I guess it's just practice practice practice.
Thank you Linda Lou.

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Linda_Lou(SW Wa.)

I am glad you are making progress with your preserving efforts.
I read on the other post that you contacted the company about the lids. As long as they verified they will work, then that is good.
I just let my canner jiggle the whole time. It is fine to use a higher amount, so that way you will be sure the food is processed enough. I also have a gas stove, and just love it ! Even if you processed a couple pounds over, it won't hurt anything. Relax, it seems yours wants to jiggle at about 12 lb. on the dial. That is fine. Your dial may be off a bit. I say let it jiggle away, just be sure you put in 3 inches of water in the bottom of the canner before adding the jars so you will have enough water through the processing.

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Thank you - I'll just add extra water and let it jiggle away then ! Thanks for all your help !

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Okay, I just took my brand new all american for a test drive this weekend also (just got it friday and my hubby broke the handle...thanks!)

Anyway, I *thought* that it wasn't supposed to be non-stop jiggling?

The directions basically say, make sure the weight jiggles 1 - 4 times every minute (to make sure you still have the pressure)....but NOT non-stop. Otherwise you let out too much steam.

It took me forever to get it down to the non-stop jiggle stage...but was I correct in doing so?

Since it was my first test drive, I did have lots of water in there so I wouldn't ruin it...then my hubby went and broke the handle :sigh:

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Linda_Lou(SW Wa.)

Sorry about the broken handle. You can follow the directions for how many jiggles with your canner. The person asking the first question has trouble regulating the canner. So, it really won't hurt to let it jiggle. I do with mine, but I have a Presto. Mine would either stop or jiggle away, so I let it jiggle. Each brand has it's own number of "jiggles" it should do per minute. If you can control yours with the right amount , then that is good.
I can't keep up and remember how many each brand is supposed to ideally jiggle per minute.
I am glad you got a nice new canner !
I just can't pick up the All American canner. I tried at the store the other day. My back just won't handle picking up that much weight. Otherwise I would get myself one. In the meantime, I just use my Presto canners, which work fine.

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Linda Lou - I can relate to that. I bought the 41q All American on line as you don't get pressure canners in the stores over here having no idea how heavy it is (and I'm not the biggest person in the world - the pot is almost as big as me:-)) So I have to can outside on a table standing on a bench (I can only carry it when it's completely empty) Well - at least it's good arm exercises lol :-)

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tanyak -
I have the smaller 21 QT and it is heavy and big enough! I can definatly imagine the 41Qt would require an outdoor setup :)

This is all from another Newbie...but I thought it might help. When I was canning this weekend, I was canning for an 1 1/2 hours (alought I can inside so the temp is the house is more regulated).

I had to heat my canner up on high (on my oven because it's old)...but then eventually slowly, get it down to medium heat. Otherwise the guage just kept giggling instead of the 1 -4 times a minute.

Anyway, my point was that my husbands thought was those canners are SO big and thick that once they get really hot, it'll be easy to hold their tempature. (Mine took FOREVER to cool down) Again, yours will probably be a little different since you can outside and it's easier to cool off.

I never got my "giggle" regulated ;) until the last 30 min of cooking...but even after 1 solid hour of constant giggle I still had lots of water left in the bottom, I started with 3 inches to be safe since I was a cluless newbie :)

I hope that helps you out some! Good luck!


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I'm a newbie and I just got a Mirro 22 Qt pressure canner.
Made the spagetti sauce and set everything up as per instructions. But I can't get the thing to giggle it just
ssssshhhhhhhss away. I'm not above 1000 and I'm using the 10 psi valve. its been 70 minutes and I'm just waiting for the pin to go down to see what I have. Will it be safe to consume 6 months from now?

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greenhouser(Middle TN Zone 6)

linnbin: If the pressure stayed at 11 psi it should be, no matter what sound your "jiggler" made. Mine also makes a sissing sound when pressure is released. I have the Presto canner.

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