Can northern grasses grow down here???

coyleMay 2, 2008

I seeded my little shaded yard with scotts sun & shade that the lady from Kmart says she planted (tall fescue) around her 3 acres and it's been growing for 3 years though when I called Scotts they said it's only for northern lawns and I never have seen it growing down here so will it grow if the conditions are right? If so we should be growing this stuff instead of st augustine which is going to be my next choice if this doesn't work out.

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

It seems to me I've heard that you can plant tall fescue if you really enjoy mowing for your winter lawn, but it will not take the summer. Haven't paid a lot of attention since I'm not the one who mows the lawn and it's nice not to have to--in my opinion. Lots of people really like a winter lawn. I'd think since the average company is in business to make money, they probably would recommend it to you if they thought it would do well.

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Yeah, probably just something people put down in the winter to green up their lawns. Oh well, it's sprouting good and I am under shade mostly so who knows, maybe it will survive.

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