Heather and conifer dying...UK

hieroglyphMay 19, 2010

Where I live (Surrey Hills) is predominantly heath and conifereous woodland... and in my garden, I had beautiful heather beds, some 10-20 year mature BUT in past 3 years they have all steadily died. I kept them trimmed each year. As they are in different parts of the garden I assume something climatically has been the culprit as several conifers (mature trees and ground coverers) have died around the boundaries to my garden/neighboring garden.

The last bed is just clinging on - if I burned it, could it be revived?

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bernd ny zone5(5)

This heather forum does not have much traffic, but you could post your questions on the conifer forum, which has contributions from England.
I sometimes have problems with heathers, and then replant them several inches deeper. But burning a heather planting would kill them, because they will only get new leaves on green wood. Perhaps you had a long dryspell which my heathers would not survive.

You should take pictures of the conifers, also details of sick foliage and post them via 'photobucket.com' on the conifer forum. People there would name the conifers and tell you what is wrong.

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